SPEAKING OF FAITH: Speaking God’s powerful words out 

by Aug 14, 2020OPINIONS





Read 2 Kings 13:14-20a 

“If anything is to change, the Church must change it.  To be relevant in today’s world, the Church must do so.  In following after those who have followed Jesus through centuries, we can, with the added wisdom of ‘the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (self-control (NLT), against such there is no law.’ (Galatians 5:22-23 (KJV)” 

“Begin boldly, standing firmly in place, for what you ‘know is right and what is wrong.’ stated Pastor Melton, “the Church seems to have found the ‘cop-out’ phrase, ‘Lord, if it be thy will…’  The Lord’s will is very clear, throughout the entire Bible.  The Church has faced many things through these last 2,000 years.  Look at the histories of the world and of the Church already written there.  The disciples and those who believed and practiced the truths found in His Word, all throughout history, have literally turned the world upside-down.  Let us now begin to turn it again, right-side up.”


“A heart being changed is hardly ever done easily or quickly, but with persistence and God’s Plan to go by, carefully followed, it can be more helpful.  If it is carried out in love and encouragement by those having real understanding of what is to be done, there’ll be a good outcome.  Having a good and helpful attitude is also key for those helping and those being helped to gain understanding.”

“Issues need to be studied, along with the words of God and in speaking His Words, we can offer real agreement as we speak His words on the subject.  He does know the future!  I believe God has called this generation, to not stop ‘hitting the ground’ on our knees, striking the ground. Any spiritual enemies are to be utterly destroyed.  Devils will never come near when people remember to do this.  They learn to fear you.  God will say, ‘Tim’s believing in Me!’  (This makes me happy because I do know we are already on their ‘hit’ list.)”  

“When it comes to the Church in America, several state governments, in this age of a world-wide pandemic, and with many thousands having already died, seem to want to silence even the praising of our God for His Mercy and for Who He is.  Can they really believe this is a right action?  These same state governments also seem to think riots are okay, while the Churches, meeting to praise and worship our God, asking for His Mercy, is not?  Abortions, the killing of babies, especially when they are born alive, do they think this is okay to have happen during a pandemic, when the Church cannot meet to pray for their little souls going back to Heaven, or for the elders in nursing homes who have died without family or friends being allowed there to comfort them?  When all life is to be considered legal and precious throughout every other generation before us, do we want to be remembered in this way?” 

“Strike the earth with your knees.  The earth can still operate if it comes under the sphere of our ‘striking the ground’s’ influence.  Can these terrible answers of a so-called ‘new world’, say that?  Using us, our God will honor us and our requests.

“In the Book of Romans, we see the ‘Revelation of the Sons of God’, and it always begins with our repentance and His Glory.  The Glory of God is worthy.  Jehovah is worth it.  Open up the mouth and speak for God.  No evil virus will come near you.  Our God is good.  None of these bad things happening have occurred at His Command.  These things going on are all from the evil one.  They are against the people of this land and the people of the whole world.  

“A little boy visiting at his grandfather’s home was sent to wash the dirt out of a wicker basket and to bring back a basket full of water.  Even when he ran as fast as he could, it was empty by the time he got back.  Several times he went back and forth, every time the basket was a little bit cleaner, but still empty.  Clean us out, Lord, and pour us out.  Not as a receptacle, but let’s splash out Glory on this earth.  Be filled with the Spirit, Church, distribute while pouring out.  He has more than enough abundance.  God, Jesus and Holy Spirit loves us.  Give of His Love to everyone.