EBCI tribal members added to Atlanta Braves Cultural Committee

by Jul 22, 2020NEWS ka-no-he-da



The Atlanta Braves Cultural Committee, established by the Atlanta Braves Team, has two new members per Res. No. 165 (2020) passed by Tribal Council in the March regular session.

Laura Blythe, program director at Cherokee Historical Association, was nominated by Tribal Council to serve on this committee.  Ashley Martin, audio visual producer for EBCI Communications, was nominated by Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed and approved by Tribal Council.

The Atlanta Braves Cultural Committee will work with the Atlanta Braves to educate staff and players, ensure any representation of the EBCI is culturally appropriate, and the EBCI’s interests are met moving forward.  Possible projects include the incorporation of syllabary in the Atlanta Braves ballpark, educational panels for visitors, and addressing issues as they arise.

“I am excited to serve in this capacity and look forward to working with our EBCI community to determine how we collectively feel the EBCI should communicate and work with the Atlanta Braves,” said Blythe.  “I hope EBCI community members feel free to reach out to me to provide their input and to discuss what the EBCI would like to see come out of this relationship.  I am committed to representing the EBCI to the best of my ability and am thankful for the opportunity to assist.”

Martin, who has committed to serving on this Committee, says, “I have had the opportunity to speak with many stakeholder groups already regarding this developing partnership.  I look forward to continuing my work of assessing the community’s feedback regarding the respectful, accurate, and appropriate representation of the Eastern Band of Cherokee.  I have worked with many of the Braves staff already and appreciate their willingness to listen to our community members’ feedback.  I will continue to work to ensure the EBCI’s interests are heard in this partnership.”

If you have questions about the Atlanta Braves Cultural Committee, the work they do, how you think the EBCI should be represented, or what you would like to see become of this partnership Laura and Ashley would like to hear your feedback.

Laura can be reached at laura@cherokeeadventure.com

Ashley can be reached at ashlmart@nc-cherokee.com or 788-1090

– Office of the Principal Chief release