WNC Communities’ Get Counted Program encouraging census participation

by Jul 20, 2020General Announcements


Regional nonprofit, WNC Communities, is partnering with active community clubs who participate in the annual WNC Honors Awards Program to assist in getting communities across western North Carolina get counted in the 2020 census.

Director of Community and Agriculture Programs for WNC Communities Terri Wells states, “It is critical that we get all of our community members counted because of the direct impact on funding and services for the next ten years.  At this time, western North Carolina is underreported, and we are excited to work in partnership with our community club leaders across Western North Carolina on our ‘WNC Communities Get Counted Program’ to assist their community members in getting counted.  Everyone counts, and we want to ensure that no one is left out.  We also appreciate the partnership of Dogwood Health Trust who is providing funding for this program.  This funding directly benefits our participating communities across western North Carolina including the communities of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.”

Community efforts are underway this summer to assist community members who have not participated in the 2020 Census.  Community Club members are not working for nor representing the census.  As trusted voices in their communities, they are volunteering to ensure that their community members get counted.

The following community clubs are participating in this program. If you need assistance with completing the 2020 Census form and would like to help your community raise some funds, please contact the following members:

  • Snowbird Community Club, Roger Smoker, 735-4959
  • Yellowhill Community Club, Virginia Johnson, 788-8659
  • Big Y Community Club, Trudy Crowe, 788-5579
  • Wolftown Community Club, Tuff Jackson, 788-4088
  • Big Cove Community Club, Lisa Hardesty, 788-1646
  • Towstring Community Club, Janice Crutchfield, 497-9330

If up have any questions concerning the 2020 Census or this program, contact Tammy Jackson, EBCI Community Development Coordinator, 359-6934 or tammjack@nc-cherokee.com

– WNC Communities release