THANK YOU LETTER: Remember the Remained Bike Riders express gratitude for community support

by Jul 15, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


The 2020 Remember the Remained bike riders are shown at Judaculla Rock including, left to right, Drew Johnson, Raylen Bark, Bear Allison, Laura Blythe, Nika West, Emra Arkansas, and Shayla Jackson. (Photo courtesy of Remember the Remained)

The 2020 Remember the Remained bike ride participants were Bear Allison, Laura Blythe, Nika West, Drew Johnson, Emra Arkansas, Shayla Jackson, Raylen Bark, Sis Cabe, Matt Martens, Osh and Jake Stephens, Keyonna Owle, and Jan Smith.  This ride was organized by some of the 2020 EBCI Remember the Removal bike riders because the 2020 Remember the Removal bike ride, retracing the Northern Route of the Trail of Tears, was cancelled due to COVID-19.

The riders completed five local rides which included stops at historic and sacred sites where they learned from various educators about the significance of the places they visited. The riders rode over 260 miles to complete all five of the rides.

The 2020 Remember the Remained bike riders would like to thank the following people and organizations that donated, volunteered, presented, provided lunch or snacks, and offered support to make this program a success. We greatly appreciate your help: Bear Allison, Laura Blythe, Sis Sneed, Mike Ramos, Jake and Osh Stephens, Matt Martens, TJ Holland, Adam Wachacha and family, Bucky Brown, Larry Blythe, Laura Smith, Dr. Blythe Winchester, Jan Smith, Dr. Brett Riggs, Wolftown Community Club, Bo Crowe, Chelsea Taylor, Keyonna and Joe Don Owle, Dr. Ben Steere, 2019 RTR team, 2018 RTR team, Rez Hope, Kathi Littlejohn, Tonya Carroll, Chazi Blankenship, Beau Carroll, Tom Belt, Monica and Kevin Tafoya, Lori Owle, Tara and Toby McCoy, Andrea Chester, Leslie and Jesse Sneed, Jace Bingham, Oconaluftee Indian Village, Qualla Creations, Justin Rodgers, Yellowhill Community Club, Fire Mountain Outpost, Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Cherokee Historical Association, Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute, Jakeli Swimmer, Sequoyah Fund, Cherokee Indian Police Department, Office of the Principal Chief Richard Sneed, and EBCI Communications program.