CCS tentatively plans for an A/B schedule 

by Jul 10, 2020NEWS ka-no-he-da





In lieu of meeting in-person for the first time in July, the Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) Board of Education decided to hold an email poll to vote on 17 resolutions. There were two of these polls. The first contained 14 resolutions, and the second had three. 

Chair Jennifer Thompson, Vice Chair Ike Long, Secretary Tara Reed-Cooper, and Board members Gloria Griffin and Karen French-Browning voted on each resolution in both polls. Regina Ledford Rosario offered no voting response for either. 

All 17 resolutions passed. The first 13 were unanimously passed, and the final resolution of the first poll was voted against by Long and French-Browning. 

This final resolution passed 3-2 and gave Aaron Hogner a three-year extension as the Men’s Varsity Head Basketball Coach. 

Among the other items, the first six had to do with CCS protocols and policies. 

The first addressed the re-opening of the school in August. 

Currently, the entire state is awaiting news from N.C. Governor Roy Cooper on whether schools will be opening next month. CCS may follow the decision of the state. In the meantime, this resolution establishes that CCS will be on an A/B schedule to begin the school year. This would mean that CCS would assign students to an A-day group and a B-day group, and they would alternate when they went to school. Whenever one group is at school, the other is to be remote learning. 

For example, in this revised schedule the first day of school for A-day students is set for Wednesday, Aug. 12.  The following day, Thursday, Aug. 13 would be the first day for B-day students. All students would be remote on Friday, Aug. 14. 

This would fall in line with a possible ‘Plan B’ for state schools. There would also be a limited capacity at the schools and on buses. Though it has been deemed safer than ‘Plan A’, it is logistically the most difficult. 

A mask policy has also been enacted for CCS. It states the following:

“All employees must wear a cloth face covering or face shield while on campus to prevent asymptomatic spread of COVID-19. These are required when an employee is interacting with co-workers, parents, students, or visitors.

  • If an employee has a private office, they may remove the mask if their door is closed. 
  • If an employee is working outside and can maintain social distancing of at least six feet, or is working alone, then a facemask is not required. 
  • If an employee must leave their workspace and enter other workspaces or public areas, they must wear a facemask. 
  • If an employee must complete a home visit, screening or assessment, the employee is required to wear a face covering.”

Along with the mask policy, CCS will also be checking the temperature of all employees as well. The other temporary policies added to help with the current situation are added time for Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Emergency Family Leave. The Board also voted in the CCS Procurement Plan for Food Nutrition,

The remaining resolutions from the voting had to do with approving hired personnel at the school. The first poll put in for the following:

  • Tasha Cochran approved as a teacher’s assistant at Cherokee Elementary School (CES).
  • Cashel Wikle approved as a teacher at CES
  • Pamela Sneed approved as a teacher at CES
  • Leslie Owle – approved as a computer teacher at CES
  • Lynzie Smith – approved as a nurse at CES 
  • Sherry Wachacha approved to upgrade to Cherokee Language Instructor at CCS.
  • Charles Jumper approved as a custodian at CCS. 

The second poll was approving coaches. All three of these were passed 3-2, with Long and French-Browning voting against.

  • Albert Arch – Softball Head Coach
  • Tim Hawkins – Varsity Football Assistant Coach
  • Virginia Ann Gardner – Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach

The process for preparing for an unprecedented school year continues. There may be more policies added as the semester draws nearer. With a start date just over a month away there is plenty of work to be done.