Cherokee Preservation Foundation announces Spring Grants for 2020

by Jun 22, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi



The Cherokee Preservation Foundation awarded 16 spring grants to partners within Western North Carolina and beyond. Grants totaled more than $2 million and were awarded to projects advancing the Foundation’s mission of improving the quality of life for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and neighboring communities.

Awarded CPF 2020 Spring Grants:

  • Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute will expand Cherokee cultural curriculum, offer cultural life-long-learning opportunities, increase membership, create an alumni program, and enhance program assessment tools. Grant: $320,501
  • Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program seeks to continue offering culturally based leadership development opportunities, encourage volunteerism (Ga-Du-Gi), improve mentoring programs, develop a summer retreat experience, and create a community outreach project. Grant: $143,836
  • C. Cooperative Extension – EBCI Center will support cultural exchange opportunities between EBCI and regional youth which highlights Cherokee history, language, and culture. Grant: $19,745
  • North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching will support the town of Cherokee’s workforce development by implementing Cherokee Central School’s teacher leadership development activities through innovative and empowerment trainings. Grant: $15,846
  • Sequoyah Fund shall provide training and loans to entrepreneurs which encourage a vibrant business economy within the seven westernmost counties. Grant: $525,000
  • The Museum of the Cherokee Indian seeks to develop a new exhibit, create their own giftshop merchandise, promote international visitation by offer foreign language self-guided tours, offer genealogy services, and expand the Atsila Anotasgi (formerly the Cherokee Friends). Grant: $280,680
  • Freshwaters Illustrated will incorporate Cherokee language and cultural views into their documentary film “Hidden Rivers”. Grant: $12,478
  • Cherokee Historical Association seeks to increase group tours and revenue streams, improve staff efficiency, improve guest experience, create a historical reenactment, and offer a historical play at the Cherokee High School. Grant: $392,107
  • Trails of Tears Association will host the 25th Annual Trail of Tears Conference and Symposium on the Cherokee Qualla Boundary. Grant: $51,958
  • Swain Arts Center will continue offering a Summer Cultural Arts Camp for EBCI and reginal youth. Grant: $4,823
  • Mainspring Conservation Trust seeks to promote youth environmental stewardship, while encouraging them to enter environmental careers in the future. Grant: $16,700
  • Folkmoot-N.C. will continue integrating Cherokee cultural exchange opportunities and performances into the annual Folkmoot Festival. Grant: $62,500
  • Center for Craft seeks to engage Cherokee artisans in the planning and development of a culturally themed park in Asheville. Grant: $19,634
  • Conserving Carolina will manage and monitor the Native Cane Restoration Project in Sumter National Forest. Grant: $8,146
  • Blue Ridge National Heritage Area seeks to support the development of the Blue Ridge Craft Trails in the far west counties of NC in order to promote EBCI and regional artisans. Grant: $67,000
  • Mainspring Conservation Trust will continue supporting Cherokee cultural land preservation efforts. Grant: $69,000

– Cherokee Preservation Foundation release