Little-Wolfe invited to Cosmo’s Top Model Competition

by Apr 19, 2020A&E, COMMUNITY sgadugi





Aubrey Little-Wolfe is just getting started in the modeling business, but she’s already making a splash.  She has been invited to the 2020 Cosmopolitan Top Model Competition in New York City this December, and she currently models for five online clothes and jewelry brands.  

Aubrey Little-Wolfe (Photos contributed)

“I have wanted to be a runway model for so long, and I always have had a love for fashion,” said Little-Wolfe, a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  “When I am getting my pictures taken, I feel my most confident self.  It has always made me relaxed and feel like I could do anything.”  

The Cosmopolitan Top Model Competition is set for Dec. 4-6, and she will get two designs to keep as well as two photoshoots with two of the top designers in the competition which include some of the following: Wanda Beauchamp, Marc Defang, Elena Pulido, Adrianna Ostrowska, KK Swimwear, and others.  

“I like commercial modeling because there are no restrictions based on age, height, and size making it inclusive to all,” said Little-Wolfe. 

She encourages everyone to follow their dreams.  “When I had my son at a young age, I always heard that it meant my life was over.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  I know he will be proud of me for not giving up and proving anything is possible.  My advice would be when you have something that makes you empowered and you’ve worked for it for so long, you can’t lose sight of it.  Do it for yourself, and never let negativity hold you back.”  

Little-Wolfe has started an Instagram page (@shesin2020) featuring her modeling.  Right now, she is a product spokeswoman for several online shops including,,,, and  “I never could have imagined it would take off the way it did.  Now, I have offers to be featured on pages and websites.  I am grateful for these opportunities.  I would also like to thank my family for all of their support.”  

Little-Wolfe is excited to make her way to New York City this fall for the Cosmopolitan event.  “I barely made it because it goes up until 23-years-old, and I just hit 22 in January.  I’m excited and nervous but ready to make my Tribe and family proud.”