EBCI’s opening day of turkey season approaching

by Apr 8, 2020General Announcements


The opening day of turkey season for members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI), and spouses and first descendants that live on EBCI trust lands, begins Saturday, April 11 and runs through May 16.  The limit for wild turkey shall be two per season (toms only), per licensed hunter.  As a reminder, it is unlawful to kill a female (hen) turkey at any time (CC 113-5.a.14); It is unlawful to bait wild turkey (CC 113-5.a.15); and it is unlawful to kill wild turkey with a rifle or pistol (CC 113-5.a.16).

Due to the current state of emergency and closure of the Tribe, CC 113-4.b.2. Hunting Fees, for first descendants and spouses shall be waived for this hunting season (waiver of $10). Any spouse or first descendant is still required to possess a hunting license for the turkey season. In addition, spouses and first-descendants of enrolled members are hereby allowed to fish during the current state of emergency, but must also possess a valid fishing permit.

Requests for permits will be processed electronically by the Natural Resources Department. The following information will be required to process an application for a hunting license or fishing permit: Copy or photograph of Drivers License and either a Spouse’s enrollment card and proof of marriage, or First Descendant Letter.

All backup information can be emailed to Mike LaVoie, Natural Resources manager, michlavo@nc-cherokee.com or texted to (828) 788-3427.  Application materials will be processed as soon as feasible by staff and an electronic copy of a valid permit will be emailed or texted to the applicant.

No paper copies of permits will be distributed.

This electronic document shall serve as your permit for the 2020 turkey hunting season and/or fishing during the existing state of emergency.  Permits must be made available to Natural Resources Enforcement either in paper or electronic form while participating in hunting activities.

All other laws regarding entering the Qualla Boundary will still be enforced.

– EBCI Natural Resources release