Cherokee Preservation Foundation awards 16 grants during fall cycle

by Dec 17, 2019NEWS ka-no-he-da


The Cherokee Preservation Foundation recently awarded 16 fall grants for 2019 for a total of more than $2.2 million.  Grants were awarded to partners that meet the Foundation’s mission of improving the quality of life for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian (EBCI) and the surrounding region.

The 2019 fall grants include:

–American Indian Science and Engineering Society, $65,837

To continue increasing interest and competency in science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science at Cherokee Central Schools.

— Western Regional Educational Service Alliance, $263,470

To enhance STEM-E education in Cherokee Central Schools and support training for students and teachers in WNC.

— Sequoyah Fund, $6,875

To support the fund’s efforts to provide board development and document updates.

— Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources, $76,390     

To protect traditional Cherokee artisan resources for future generations.

–Cherokee Central Schools – Cherokee BabyFACE, $40,727 

To support the BabyFACE program at Cherokee Central Schools and local community in efforts to improve Cherokee’s future workforce.

–Cherokee Central School, $19,527

To enhance the cultural arts experience at Cherokee High School.

–Western North Carolina Nonprofit Pathways, $143,530

To provide training, learning opportunities, and resources to nonprofits and community groups in the WNC region.

–Cherokee Indian Hospital Foundation, $12,100

To promote and preserve Cherokee culture and copper artistry techniques. 

–Cherokee Boys Club, $51,525

To support the Cherokee Boys Club’s efforts to use more sustainable building practices.

–Cherokee Youth Council, $213,895

To support the Cherokee Youth Council in the development of selfless leaders grounded in Cherokee culture.

–Cherokee Right Path, $112,750

To implement the 2019 Right Path Adult Leadership Program.

— Cherokee Cooperative Extension, $35,587  

To support the development of the local food economy through education, hands-on-training, infrastructure development, and business incubation.

— EBCI Division of Commerce, $850,281

To support the marketing efforts of the Greater Cherokee Tourism Council.

–EBCI Natural Resources, $24,986 

To increase the environmental sustainability of the rivers within Cherokee. 

–EBCI KPEP, $337,887

To support Cherokee language preservation through the development and implementation of various language programming efforts.

— Chattooga Conservancy, $8,000

To manage and monitor the native cane restoration project in Sumter National Forest.

 – Cherokee Preservation Foundation release