Tribal Court Judgment Summary for Oct. 17

by Oct 22, 2019NEWS ka-no-he-da


Arkansas, Crystal

14-70. 22 Failure to Obey a Lawful Order of the Court – Guilty Plea, 45 days active jail time, credit for time served (30 days)


Shell, Justin Ryan

14-30.6 Child Abuse in the Second Degree – Dismissed on Plea

14-40.15 Discharging Firearm into Occupied Property – Guilty Plea, 30 days jail time suspended, 3 years probation, credit for time served (7 days), peaceful contact with victim, fine: $200, court costs: $190

14-10.9 Criminal Mischief – Dismissed on Plea


Smoker, Owen Joseph

14-10.60 Larceny – Guilty Plea, Prayer for Judgment Continued, no contact with victims