SPEAKING OF FAITH: Jesus is Son of God and Son of Man

by May 13, 2019OPINIONS





“When Jesus saw his mother standing there beside the disciple he loved, he said to her, ‘Woman, he is your son.’

“And he said to this disciple, ‘She is your mother.’  And from then on this disciple took her into his home.”

John 19:26-27 (NLT)

Anyone who has watched the movie “The Passion,” Mel Gibson’s version, could hardly see and watch the interplay between Jesus and the woman whom He had called ‘Mother’ throughout His lifetime here on earth, because of the tears it had brought in response.    She’d also been there on the side of that road He was to travel as He struggled up the hill to the place of crucifixion.  She’d been close enough to offer Him what strengthening she could, by displaying her courage and love for Him, just in being there, as He’d had to pass by her on the way up the hill called Calvary.  Within herself, she must have known that this very path traveled, and at this defining moment, must have been chosen by Him in order for this to have happened.   She knew, without any doubt, that Jesus was the very Son of God—that she had been chosen by God to be His mother.  She surely had to understand and accept this was punishment for sin He was taking upon Himself.  She had to have realized He had been born to be the sacrifice made for the sins of everyone in this entire world.  He was the very Son of God and she knew He was the very human Son of Man.

Long before this day, she had answered God the Father through Gabriel, the messenger angel, with the words, “Be it unto me according to Thy Word.”  Her love for Jesus, shining through her tear-filled eyes, had been received, strengthening Him to continue and complete His journey toward His unalterable destiny.  He had been born to die and she must have known this was His choice.

Jesus was the Son of God and the Son of man and placed in the family of Mary and Joseph.  Yes, Joseph came to understand that Jesus was the Son of God through a dream, or he, being a just man, would never have continued to be the protective husband of Mary as his espoused wife.   Joseph took care of Mary and Jesus, even after they were forced to flee Israel for Egypt.  Joseph had learned in a dream that King Herod was after Jesus.  Later, having been told that King Herod was dead, they traveled back into Israel, settling in Nazareth.  (Read the full accounts in Luke 1:26 through Luke 2:1-52 and Matthew chapters 1 and 2.)

Joseph, as a dad, was protective of the whole family, and was a carpenter by trade.   Joseph taught Jesus his occupation, which Jesus also later used to help support the family.  Jesus, in submitting to Joseph as his father, learned all that was needful in life on earth from him.

Father God rewarded them as a family group later with more children, giving Jesus brothers and sisters.  His brother James, after the Holy Ghost experience of Pentecost, and his brother Jude became leaders in the newly organized Church in Jerusalem.  James was one of the first disciples to have been killed as the persecution of the Church began in earnest.  There were also at least two sisters.  Not a lot more was written of them, so it seems they had a normal family life.  Jesus was truly ‘Emmanuel’—meaning ‘God with us’.

The Scripture does not say when Joseph passed away, but Jesus then supported them until He was called ‘to be about His Father’s business of ministering to the poor, the brokenhearted, the burdened and the heavy-laden’—and each of us.

This Mother’s Day is truly a hope that everyone will be able to spend special time with family members and with parents and perhaps grandparents.  Be kind and gentle with everyone today for there are many whose parents and grandparents have already gone on to their rewards.  Perhaps it could be possible to ‘adopt for a day’ a friend or acquaintance to be an honored member of the family so it can be special.  There are also many families which are somewhat separated by choices which have been made in their lives.  Please help everyone to remember that God loves them.  Remind them they can talk with ‘Him who turns no one away who comes sincerely’.  Jesus has said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”