Upcoming Pow Wows for May 3-5

by Apr 26, 2019Happenings


Note: This list of pow wows was compiled by One Feather staff. The One Feather does not endorse any of these dances. It is simply a listing of ones occurring throughout the continent. Please call before traveling.


14th Annual Dance of the Spring Moon Lumbee Powwow. May 3-5 at the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center in Maxton, NC. Emcees: Joaquin Hamilton and JD Moore. Host Drum: WarPaint. Info: (910) 521-7861


Ma-Chis Tribe and Troy University Pow Wow. May 3-4 at the Troy University Athletics Field in Troy, Ala.. Info: James Wright (334) 897-3207, machispowwow@gmail.com


22nd Annual Two Nations Powwow. May 4-5 at Auburn Sportsman’s Club in Auburn, Mass.. Host Drum: Black Stone Valley Singers. Guest Drum: Walking Bear Singers. Info: (774) 578-5386, wiiccenter@yahoo.com


32nd Annual Fresno State Pow Wow. May 4-5 at Maple Mall/Peters Building West Lawn in Fresno, Calif. Info: nasaneum@gmail.com


34th Annual Edmonds Community College Powwow. May 4-5 at Seaview Gym in Lynnwood, Wash.. Emcee: Arlie Neskahi. Host Drum: Indian Heritage. Info: Lila Andrews lila.andrews@edcc.edu, www.edcc.edu/powwow


American Indian Cancer Foundation’s 8th Annual Powwow For Hope. May 4 at Base Camp Facility, Team Building Center in St. Paul, Minn.. Info: Alyssa Beaulieu (612) 314-4848, communications@aicaf.org, powwowforhope.org


Circle Legacy Center Powwow on Manatawny Creek. May 4-5 at Pottstown Memorial Park in Pottstown, Pa. Emcee: Barry Lee. Host Drum: Zotigh Singers. Invited Drums: Medicine Horse Singers, Red Blanket Singers. Info: Ronnie Williams (610) 327-1838, naheritagecircle@comcast.net


First Annual Santa Clara Powwow. May 4 at Santa Clara University Mission Gardens in Santa Clara, Calif. Emcee: Randy Pico. Southern Drum: Southern Express. Northern Drum: All Nations. Info: Catherine Moore (916)742-8773, naccscu@gmail.com, www.scu.edu/diversity/powwow