Position approvals and planning grievances at April 4 School Board session

by Apr 5, 2019NEWS ka-no-he-da





The Cherokee Central School Board of Education met on Thursday, April 4 in the regular meeting. In attendance were Chairperson Charlotte Saunooke; Vice Chairperson Gloria Griffin; Secretary Jennifer Thompson; board members Karen French Browning, Isaac Long, and David Wolfe (EBCI Representative and Vice Chairman of Tribal Council); Assistant Superintendent Dr. Beverly Payne; School Board Assistant Sunnie Clapsaddle; HR Director Deborah Toineeta; and Finance Director Howard Wahnetah. Those not in attendance were Superintendent Dr. Michael Murray and School Board Representative John Crowe.

The first item heard by the Board was presented by Frank and Marg Dunn, who voiced concerns about the timing of graduation. The Dunn’s were trying to plan the arrivals of family members from out of town to coincide with the high school graduation ceremonies. His family attempted to estimate the potential times based on the possibility of snow days and other variables. For reasons that were not at first clear, the school administration set the dates of May 22 for the baccalaureate and May 23 for the graduation ceremony. As the discussion continued, it was learned that time for graduation was picked based on a polling of the graduating class, who wanted to have the graduation before the Memorial Day weekend.

The next request for time was from Craig Barker. The Board voted to hear him in closed session. No reporting from the Board was available concerning the closed session.

The Board heard Tiff Reed. Board members had questions about retirement policy and how those in the school system nearing retirement could get more information in time to make planning decisions for their retirement. No motions were made regarding this item.

Sharon Blankenship was called into the session by the Board. She was not on the agenda. The Board went into closed session to have discussion with her, and no reporting from the Board was available concerning this closed session.

There were seven items on the Consent Agenda, and all were approved. They were as follows:

  • Charmin Welch was approved as Cherokee Middle School (CMS) Softball Volunteer for the 2018/2109 season
  • an employee was approved for an 11-month contract salary upgrade
  • Cherokee Pre-K program was authorized to hold up to five Pre-K slots each year for children of employees, “particularly for employees who are non-enrolled members and otherwise have a difficult time meeting the enrollment qualifications”
  • Charles Roberson was approved to fill a part-time security position
  • Shermell Wilkins was approved to fill a Special Education Teacher position at CMS
  • Mariah Crowe was also accepted to fill a Special Education Teacher position at CMS
  • an employee was approved for a 10- month contract salary reduction.

The Board, in New Business, also approved changes to the 2019-2020 school calendar, modifications to the Athletic Director and Agricultural Teacher job descriptions, and denied one fee waiver request based on existing policy.

The next meeting of the School Board will be on Tuesday, April 23. The meeting, regularly held on the third Monday of the month, was moved due to Spring Break.