Principal Chief’s Report for March 22

by Mar 25, 2019Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da

Lulie Youngdeer, second from left, and Pete Taylor, second from right, are the winners of the Chief’s Cornhole Tournament held recently. They are shown with Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed, left, and Vice Chief B. Ensley, right. (Photo by Ashleigh Stephens/EBCI Public Relations)






Community means many different things.  To me, community means we come together for fellowship, we lean upon each other in hard times, and we celebrate the good times together.  Thankfully, our community is celebrating some good times lately.  While the last two weeks have been very busy, I have been blessed to share some fun opportunities with our Cherokee people.

The deadline to register for Senior Games has passed, and I took the opportunity to work with the Recreation Department to host the Chief’s Cornhole Tournament with senior games participants.  It was a great day full of laughs, good food, and enjoyable conversation with our seniors.  I would like to Congratulate Pete Taylor and Lulie Youngdeer for winning the Tournament, along with 2nd place winners Vice Chief B. Ensley and Darryl Toineeta, and 3rd place winners Trudy Crowe and Libby Ensley.

I had the distinct pleasure of judging the Cherokee Central Schools Tech Fair- Turn Up the Tech.  I am always amazed at the creativity and genius of our youth when they are given the tools and freedom to create and build.  I appreciate all the hard work put into this Tech Fair and the continued support of our students provided by the teachers and staff at CCS.

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) brought a conference to Cherokee March 14-16.  I was very pleased to provide the Welcoming Address to the conference attendees and was invited to participate in a panel discussing leadership amongst the Eastern band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI).  I am humbled by the invitation and feel blessed to provide my perspective on the matter.  I was joined by Tribal Council Chairman Adam Wachacha and Carmaleta Monteith for the panel, which was moderated by Andrew Conseen Duff.

Finally, we had Community Bingo this past Thursday at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall.  This month’s Community Bingo was co-hosted by Housing & Community Development and my office.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to visits with families who had recently lost loved ones.  I would like to thank Housing & Community Development for their sponsorship and all the work they did to make this event successful.

I have had the pleasure of visiting many community members but would like to speak with you as well regarding your vision for the future of the EBCI.  If my office may be of service to you or you would like to discuss matters affecting your family, please contact my office (828) 359-7002 to schedule a meeting.