Tribal Court Judgment Summary for Dec. 12

by Dec 17, 2018NEWS ka-no-he-da


Brady, Rocky Eugene

14-15.5 Intoxicated and Disruptive in Public – Dismissed on Plea

14-70.19 Resisting Lawful Arrest – Guilty Plea, 10 days jail time suspended, 3 months unsupervised probation, court costs: $190


Bush, Nathan David

14-95.5(c) Drugs: Simple Possession of Marijuana – Dismissed Upon Proof

14-95.11(c) Drugs: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Dismissed Upon Proof


Fabian, Crystal Lee

20-28 Revoked License – Report Infraction


Hendrix, Rozina Cruz  

14-30.3 Compulsory School Attendance – Guilty Plea, Prayer for Judgment Continued


Locust, Starlina Maria

20-313(a) No Insurance – Guilty/Responsible, fine: $50, court costs: $190

20-28 Revoked License- Dismissed on Plea

20-111(2) Fictitious Registration Plate – Dismissed on Plea


Long, Rayelita Dawn

14-95.5(a) Drugs: Possessing a controlled substance classified in schedule I, II, III, IV, and V – Dismissed, Treatment Complete


Lossiah, Channing Victor

14-10.60 Larceny – Dismissed with Restitution


McCoy, Charlene A.

14-10.60 Larceny – Dismissed Upon Completion of Deferred Prosecution, not to be in contact with victim nor go upon the victim’s property, restitution ordered: $410


Roland, Kandi

14-5.2 Communicating Threats – Dismissed, Failure of Prosecuting Witness to Appear and Testify


Swayney, Nicholas Dean

14-15.3 Transportation of Alcoholic Beverages – Dismissed, Treatment Complete

14-15.6(a) Providing Alcoholic Beverages to persons under 21 – Dismissed, Treatment Complete


Wachacha Jr., Herman

14-40.56 Assault on a Female – Dismissed with Leave to Refile


Wilnoty, Megan Dawn

14-95.11(c) Drugs: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Guilty, Amend Charge, 30 days jail time suspended, 6 months unsupervised probation, court costs: $190