Deceased members of the EBCI (April 1 – Sept. 30, 2018)

by Oct 18, 2018General Announcements


This is a list of deceased members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians whose estate is entitled to a pro rata share of the deceased members per capita distribution of net gaming revenues for the period April 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2018 pursuant to Section 16C-5 of the Cherokee Code.

This section does not apply to deceased minors.  Distribution to the estate of a deceased member may be made only to the authorized, or court appointed, fiduciary, affiant, executor or administrator of the estate.  The Enrollment Office must have on file a letter or written documentation from the Cherokee Court or other court appointing a fiduciary, affiant, executor or administrator for the estate.  Please submit, in person, to the Tribal Enrollment Office at 808 Acquoni Rd., Ginger Lynn Welch Complex, or mail to Enrollment Office, PO Box 2069 Cherokee, NC 28719.

Please report the death of an enrolled member to the Enrollment Office (828) 359-6464, 6467, 6468, or 6469.

Each person is shown with their date of death, full name and executor(s):

4/8/2018          Marenna Lynn Jumper

4/9/2018          John Russell Wolfe, Jr.

4/9/2018          Linda Sue Raby, Executor Joan Smith Henry

4/10/2018        Virgil Walkingstick

4/11/2018        Henderson Biddix

4/16/2018        Brandi Melaine Powers, Executor Wilma Monroe

4/18/2018        Roger Everett Hubbs, Executor Donald Hubbs

4/20/2018        Maude Elizabeth Paul, Executor Wilbur Paul

4/25/2018        Christopher David Teesateskie, Executor Heather Wachacha

4/26/2018        Henry Wyman Huskey, Executor Arlene Huskey

4/26/2018        Mable McDonald, Executor Jacob Jackson Ivey

4/29/2018        David James Kalonaheskie

5/7/2018          James Myron Long

5/8/2018          Clarence Welch, Executor Mary Louise Welch

5/9/2018          Royal Marty Catolster

5/12/2018        Carla Francine Lossiah

5/12/2018        Mary Bradley, Executor Faith Catolster

5/15/2018        Ronald Eugene Long, Executor Faith Long

5/15/2018        Sharon Darlene Wolfe

5/17/2018        Kenneth Eugene Smith, Executor Gertrude Hall Smith

5/18/2018        Elizabeth Ann Crowe

5/18/2018        Michael Edwin Walk, Sr., Executor Nancy Michelle Walk

5/22/2018        Richard Evan William Ward

5/26/2018        Lee Virgil Ledford, Executor Melissa Ledford

5/27/2018        Annie Lynn Tramper, Executor William L. Smith

6/4/2018          Dennis Ray Taylor, Executor Jane Taylor

6/5/2018          Joel Rivera Word

6/6/2018          Diann Bark

6/14/2018        Frank Joseph Taylor, Sr.

6/14/2018        Michael Edward Lambert, Executor Carlotta L. Crowe

6/16/2018        Myrna Dean Climbingbear, Executor Isaac Climbingbear

6/21/2018        Henry Queen

6/25/2018        Jillian Monike Swimmer

7/3/2018          Richard Boyd Cooper, Executor Clint Hyde

7/10/2018        Sally Jo Anderson

7/13/2018        Sarah Allen Walkingstick

7/17/2018        Mollie Herbold

7/23/2018        Russell Lee Wahnetah

7/23/2018        Mary Sue Ratchford

7/23/2018        William Russell Locust, Jr., Executor Serena Locust

7/23/2018        Cassandra Dawn Blackfox

7/24/2018        Dorothy Jane Ballew

8/3/2018          Joshua Squirrel

8/6/2018          Billie Jean Wolfe

8/7/2018          Joshua Littlejohn, Executor Deborah Littlejohn

8/14/2018        Helen May Dorothy Smith

8/17/2018        Jess Alvin McCoy

8/19/2018        Robert Michael West

8/24/2018        Steve Richard Goodson, Executor Carrie A. Kettell

8/26/2018        Frederick Lee McCoy, Executor Sharon B. McCoy

8/26/2018        Vivian Janet Harlan, Executor Henrietta Victoria Harlan

8/31/2018        Polly Ann Rattler

9/1/2018          Samuel Fredrick Biddix

9/2/2018          Barbara Ann George

9/7/2018          Marvin Lee Allen

9/11/2018        Jerri Lynn Smith

9/18/2018        Mickey Edward Rattler

9/19/2018        Kristy Dawn Best

9/20/2018        Shirley Marie Roof

9/25/2018        Steven Timothy Cramer, Jr.

9/25/2018        Ethan David Ross Lafontaine

9/28/2018        Angela Wileen Teesateskie

9/28/2018        Dorothy Swimmer

9/30/2018        Melvin Dennis Murphy, Executor Carol Sherrill Murphy

9/30/2018        John Moses Harlan