2018 Cherokee Indian Fair Baked Goods winners 

by Oct 1, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi

BEST IN SHOW: Martha Reed Wolfe holds a squash casserole that won her a Best in Show and Blue Ribbon in the 2018 Cherokee Indian Fair Baked Goods contest hosted by the EBCI Cooperative Extension Office. She is shown at the Extension office receiving her award on the afternoon of Monday, Oct. 1. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather photos)


Following are the winners of the 2018 Cherokee Indian Fair Baked Goods competition hosted by the EBCI Cooperative Extension Office: 


Traditional Bread: 1st (Best in Show) – Alex Motola, chestnut bread; 2nd – Alexa Motola, bean bread; 3rd – Wanei Sneed, bean bread 

Cookies: 1st – Vladimir Drake Owle, 2nd – Wakinyan Walker Raines, 3rd – Keaton E-La-Ni Arch 

Cupcakes: 1st – Cameron G. Jackson, 2nd – Tayah Jae Bird, 3rd – Kennica Lynn Bradley 

Muffins: 1st – Vladimir Drake Owle, 2nd – Makenzee Bird, 3rd – Vincent Damien Owle 

Cake: 1st – Tayah Jae Bird, 2nd – Madilyn Bird, 3rd – Vladimir Drake Owle 



Traditional Bread: 2nd – Jalen Motola, chestnut bread 

Cookies: 1st (Best of Show) – Ellijah Bryant, 2nd – Mahala Bird, 3rd – Emily Nicole Bradley 

Cupcakes: 1st – Katherine Abra Armachain, 2nd – Isiah Runningwolfe Armachain

Muffins: 1st – Maiya E. M. Blythe, 2nd – Milli Bryson

Cake: 1st – Jalen Motola, 2nd – Katherine Abra Armachain, 3rd – Rachel M. Blythe 

FAMILY: Becky Walker (left) won a Blue Ribbon for her apple cake in the adult division, and her son, Kudesgi Jackson, holds cupcakes made by his sister, Tsawayugi Jackson, who won a Blue Ribbon in the youth division.


Homemade Bread: 2nd – Bessie Welch 



Bean Bread: 1st – Matilda Calhoun, 2nd – Charlotte George, 3rd – Patricia Calhoun 

Chestnut Bread: 1st – Patricia Calhoun, 2nd – Mary Edith Wolfe Lambert, 3rd – Matilda Calhoun 

Lye Dumplings: 1st – Charlotte George, 2nd – Frances Maney 

Banana Nut Bread: 1st – Elnora Thompson, 2nd – Martha Reed Wolfe, 3rd – Matilda Calhoun 

Casseroles: 1st (Best of Show) – Martha Reed Wolfe, 2nd – Stephanie  Maney, 3rd – Leslie Swimmer 

Pound Cake: 1st – Sharon Owle, 2nd – Trudy Ella Welch Lambert, 3rd – Stacy Bessie Wallace 

Apple Cake: 1st – Becky Walker, 2nd – Madeline Nicole Pretty Walker Welch, 3rd – Shaylene Welch 

Other Cakes: 1st – Sharon McCoy, 2nd – Vicki Leigh Wicker Dietzel, 3rd – Stephanie Maney 

Cream Pie: 3rd – Madeline Nicole Pretty Walker Welch 

Fruit Pie: 1st – Martha Reed Wolfe, 2nd – Joanna Martin, 3rd – Stephanie Maney

Other Pies: 1st – Tsali Clay James Welch, 2nd – Nancy Brown, 3rd – Lucille Wolfe 

Diabetic Food: 1st – Stephanie Maney, 2nd – Tamara Thompson, 3rd – Stacy Bessie Wallace 

Any Baked Item not in other categories: 1st – Stacy Bessie Wallace, 2nd – Frances Maney, 3rd – Vicki Leigh Wicker Dietzel

TRADITIONAL: Charlotte George’s lye dumplings won a Blue Ribbon in the adult division.