A Cherokee Gardener’s Journal: Snoopy Spot

by May 22, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi

PEACEFUL: Jody Bradley encourages all gardeners to find their “Snoopy Spot”. (Photo courtesy of Jody Bradley)




My niece, Elle, called a small, quiet place to sit a “snoopy spot” when she was little. We don’t know why, but it stays with us even as she has grown. I believe quiet, peaceful spots in the garden are important. Garden spots may be enjoyed early in the morning or late in the evening as you purvey the fruits of your labors.

It is important to take time to sit and watch the bees come and go to their hives, hummingbirds milk the flowers, or simply access plants working for you. My Pop Pop used to stop and sharpen his hoe on a bench close to the garden. Snoopy spots are great when the sun is high and you need a break from pulling weeds or planting.

A good “snoopy spot” includes a favorite, comfortable chair. I like a place to put my feet up. A good stump works just as well as a purchased table. A stump also makes a great spot for your coffee or tea cup. Include your favorite statues, flowers, or plants in your spot. Plants that smell good like basil, roses, gardenia, and catnip are great to have near your spot. Chimes are great for a little tinkle when the wind blows. Snoopy spots may be functional and promote your mental health, just like gardening.

The thing I love about gardening is it changes daily. You need an excellent spot to watch the changes. Where is your “snoopy spot”?