Wolftown Representative to host Hemp Public Forum

by May 18, 2018Happenings


Hemp Public Forum. May 29 from 6 – 8pm at Cherokee Indian Fairgrounds exhibit hall.  This event is being hosted by Wolftown Rep. Jeremy Wilson.  Below is his statement on the event:

I have been working with a group out of Canada called Wahupta Ventures. They are a corporation in Canada. They have offices located in Winnipeg Manitoba, Burnaby British Columbia, and Las Vegas,  Nev.

Wahupta specializes in Hemp/CBD. They work with indigenous communities to find opportunities to meet their specific social and economical goals while also honoring traditional values to addressing current conditions in the individual communities themselves.

The reason I am holding a public forum on hemp, is to give people the opportunity to learn about what hemp actually is. There is a stigma about Cannabis, and many people think that hemp is marijuana, and that is simply not true. You cannot get high on hemp. Hemp only contains less than 0.3 percent THC, and can contain up to 60x the concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD is legal, and there are great opportunities the Tribe can benefit from if we decide to go this route. As everyone knows, we have a major drug problem here, and we have major chronic illness problems. We have issues with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, PTSD, inflammation, etc. CBD extracted from hemp can be therapeutic for all of these, and without any worry of the high. CBD can even play a major role for cancer patients, and for anyone who seeks to quit smoking.

While although CBD can play a major role medicinally, it has a major role economically as well. Hemp can be used for food, industrial textiles and products, building materials, hygiene, paper, and plays a role in environmental cleanliness.

It’s time for our Tribe to move forward, diversify economically, and it’s time we take real action on our chronic illness and drug problems. By holding this education forum, and having this group present, it will give our people an opportunity to learn about a potential great opportunity for our Tribe and people.

This group will comprise of the President & CEO Warren Cudney; Sam Anderson, a member of the Dauphin River First Nation; and Super Bowl Champion Darnell Dinkins, a former NFL player who played for the New Orleans Saints.