Cherokee Preservation Foundation awards 20 grants totaling $2.5 million

by May 7, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi


The Cherokee Preservation Foundation recently awarded 20 grants for spring 2018 for a total of more than $2.5 million.  Grants were awarded to partners that meet the Foundation’s mission of improving the quality of life for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian (EBCI) and the surrounding region.

The 2018 spring grants include:

  • EBCI Kituwah Preservation & Education Program (KPEP): To support Cherokee language preservation through the development and implementation of various language programming efforts.
  • Western North Carolina Regional Education Foundation (WRESA):To plan a makerspace within each school of Cherokee Central Schools.
  • Cherokee Central Schools – Cherokee BabyFACE: To support the BabyFACE program at Cherokee Central Schools and local community in efforts to improve Cherokee’s future workforce.
  • Cherokee Boys Club: Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute: To support the Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute.
  • Cherokee Boys Club: Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program: To support implementation of the Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program within the Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute’s leadership continuum.
  • EBCI Office of Fisheries and Wildlife Management: To develop a summer program leveraging hands-on research to support environmental education, technological training, and cultural preservation.
  • Sequoyah Fund: To support Sequoyah Fund’s efforts to provide training and low interest loans for entrepreneurs to encourage a vibrant business economy within the seven westernmost NC counties.
  • Cherokee Historical Association: To support the continued implementation of Cherokee Historical Association’s (CHA) business plan including Phase I plans for a revamped botanical garden.
  • Stecoah Valley Arts, Crafts and Educational Center: To develop marketing and programming for the Courtyard of the Cherokee in order to increase public awareness of Cherokee art and artisans.
  • Museum of The Cherokee Indian: To continue the implementation of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian’s business plan and the Cherokee Friends program.
  • EBCI Graham County Indian Education: To host a six-week Cherokee arts and crafts cultural summer camp for Graham County youth to introduce Cherokee world views and preserve the knowledge of Cherokee artists.
  • Mainspring Conservation Trust: To continue a bird monitoring, research, and education program at EBCI’s Cowee Mound and the Welch Farm property in Andrews.
  • Snowbird Cherokee Traditions: To support second-language learners participating in the Snowbird summer language camp and adult evening classes.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park: To refine the partnership and increase the involvement from EBCI members for curriculum originality and relevancy within the SPIN program.
  • The North Carolina International Folk Festival, Inc.: To continue the effort of integrating Cherokee culture into the annual Folkmoot festival.
  • Cherokee Central Schools: Fiscal Agent:  Cherokee Boys Club; To support Cherokee language instruction at Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) for the 2018-19 school year, and the development of a 3rd level within the shiyo app.
  • Swain Arts Center: To provide a Summer Arts Camp for students at two Swain County elementary schools.
  • Graham Revitalization Economic Action Team (GREAT): To continue work on the “living laboratory” along the Sweetwater Creek Greenway on the Robbinsville High School campus.
  • Appalachian Women’s Museum, Inc.: To develop a plan for an exhibit on Cherokee women to be housed within the Appalachian Women’s Museum.
  • Sequoyah Birthplace Museum: To allow Sequoyah Birthplace Museum to focus on events, educational programs, public relations, and maintain capacity while the museum is closed during their renovation period.

– Cherokee Preservation Foundation