LETTER: Tribe should capitalize on Cherokee Bottled Water enterprise

by Mar 26, 2018OPINIONS


Isn’t it ironic how tribal leaders, and members alike, still seem to struggle with ideas of ways that would best benefit our Tribe when it comes to diversification of our business interest?

Especially when we’re sitting right on top, (and own) what could be, with a little work, a multi-billion dollar a year business.

Who? When? Why? What did you say? That’s right, the Cherokee Bottled Water Company. How so? According to the recent article in Time magazine, “Our Thirsty Planet” (March 19, 2018) this place we call home (Mother Earth) is fast running out of clean, drinkable water. And, countries where water is in short supply pay high dollar for a cool drink of water.

Furthermore, what’s the first thing needed in every natural disaster? That’s right! Water! Good old “right off the lizard’s back” Cherokee Bottled Water. Or, at least it could be. The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) has a multibillion dollar a year budget. For guess what? Right again! Water! And, guess who qualifies first for these contracts when proper steps are taken? Surprise! Minority suppliers! Better yet, a Native American-owned supplier comes before other minorities.

Wow! Crazy huh?

Now, let’s talk gaming. With the right sales pitch (which I am great at) (hint), all tribes would probably love to have their tribal labels on their bottled water (labels and water did by us), brought to them by another tribe (us) rather than spend money with non-native suppliers, right?

I think my point has been made. We have and own the potential to move into the multi-million dollar arena. We’re just not using it.


Harold R. Rattler

Birdtown Community