Ribbon-Cutting ceremony set for Snowbird Treatment Center

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SNOWBIRD – Cherokee Indian Hospital will be a hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, Dec. 18 at 2pm at the new Snowbird Residential Treatment Center – Kanvwotiyi. Kanvwotiyi, in the Cherokee language, means “place where one is healed”. This facility is a state-of-the-art residential treatment center located in the Snowbird community of Graham County.

In 2015, the Tribal Council approved funding and directed the Cherokee Indian Hospital to develop a comprehensive system of care, a recovery community, for Cherokee people struggling with addiction and other challenges.

“I am so proud of what this community is doing,” said Doug Trantham, assistant behavioral health clinical director.  “While the whole country is confronting a crisis in opioid abuse, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is doing something about it. They are leading the way.”

Substance abuse is a crisis across the country and now Cherokee and Indian Health Service eligible individuals may access Kanvwotiyi and other services through Analenisgi or the Cherokee Indian Hospital.  This program will accommodate up to 10 men and 10 women on a peaceful mountaintop, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Cherokee cultural themes are represented in all aspects of the facility design including men’s and women’s cottages, a lodge for intensive programming, and grounds that provide opportunities for work, reflection and connection to culture and identity.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is open to the public and parking will be limited with shuttle services to site provided at the Snowbird Health Clinic at 96 Snowbird School Rd, Robbinsville, NC 28771.

Info: Sheyahshe Littledave, public relations officer for Cherokee Indian Hospital, 497-9163 ext. 6207

– Cherokee Indian Hospital