Upcoming Pow Wows for Aug. 25-27

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Note: This list of pow wows was compiled by One Feather staff. The One Feather does not endorse any of these dances. It is simply a listing of ones occurring throughout the continent. Please call before traveling.


10th Annual Honoring Traditions Gathering & Pow Wow.  Aug. 25-27 in Pala, Calif.  Emcees: Bart Powaukee, Ruben Little Head.  Invited Drums: Bad Moon Rising, Black Bear, Black Otter, Buc Wild, Eyabay, Mandaree, Warpaint, Wild Band of Comanches.  Info: Skye McMichael (760) 891-3590


44th Annual Traditional Wild Rice Festival Pow Wow.  Aug. 25-27 at Makwode’ Arena in Turtle Lake, Wisc.  Emcees: Pete Gahbow, Mike Sullivan.  Host Drums: Native Boys, Raining Thunder, Cumberland Singers.  Info: Melissa Coon (715) 349-2195, melissac@stcroixtribalcenter.com


Gathering at the Falls Pow Wow.  Aug. 25-27 at Lilac Bowl Riverfront Park in Spokane, Wash.  Info: Jerry Crowshoe (509) 362-2178, jerrycrowshoe@yahoo.com


Hochunk Nation Neesh-La Contest Pow Wow.  Aug. 25-27 at Hochunk Gaming Casino in Baraboo, Wisc.  Info: Sheena Decorah at shaynad612@gmail.com


Muckleshoot Skopabsh Pow Wow.  Aug. 25-27 at Muckleshoot Pow Wow Grounds in Auburn, Wash.  Emcees: Lawrence Baker, Gayle Skunkcap.  Host Drum: Blackstone.  Info: wendy.lloyd@muckleshoot-health.com, grant.timentwa@musckleshoot.msn.us


Xatsull Save the Salmon Traditional Pow Wow.  Aug. 25-27 at Xatsull Heritage Village in Soda Creek, British Columbia, Canada.  MC: Mike Retasket.  Host Drum: Four Stones.  Co-Host Drum: Northern Tribez.  Info: Cheryl Chapman (250) 989-2323 ext. 104, education@xatsull.com


24th Annual Potawatomi Trails Social Pow Wow.  Aug. 26-27 at Shiloh Park in Zion, Illinois.  Info: (847) 746-5797, (847) 746-9086


Heritage University All Nations Student Pow Wow.  Aug. 26 at Heritage University in Toppenish, Wash.  Info: (509) 865-8588, www.heritage.edu/PowWow


Adamstown Pow Wow.  Aug. 26-27 at Adamstown Rod and Gun Club in Reinholds, Penn.  Invited Drums: Eagle Thunder, Itchy Dog, Otter Creek.  Info: Keith Rodrigues (717) 940-8048