Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Aug. 3

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(Note: These results have been compiled by One Feather staff.  The official results and count sheets, from the TOP Office, will be posted to when received later this month.)


Item No. 1 – (New ordinance) Ord. No. 682 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 113, Hunting & Fishing – DEEMED READ AND TABLED

Item No. 2 – (New ordinance) Ord. No. 683 – Dangerous Buildings Ordinance – DEEMED READ AND TABLED

Item No. 3 – Tabled Ord. No. 618 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 117A, Impeachment – TABLED

Item No. 4 – Tabled Ord. No. 619 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 55B, Limited Liability Company – PASSED

Item No. 5 – Tabled Ord. No. 621 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 130A, Clean Needle Exchange – PASSED

Item No. 6 – Tabled Ord. No. 622 – Cherokee Code Chapter 113, establishment of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources – TABLED

Item No. 7 – Request to clean-up Mt. Noble EMS Communication Tower area – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 8 – Resolution to approve LLC Operating Agreement and By-Laws – PASSED

Item No. 9 – Laura Wheeler, in fulfillment of a doctoral degree at Duke University, requests to conduct a research study entitled “Casino Gaming Revenue Transfers – KILLED

Item No. 10 – J Martin Productions request for document film about various aspects of Cherokee culture and history – KILLED

Item No. 11 – Appointment of Honorable Brenda Toineeta Pipestem as Associate Judge of the Cherokee Court – PASSED

Item No. 12 – Tribal Council declares the opioid crisis a public nuisance which must be abated for the benefit of the Tribe – PASSED

Item No. 13 – Appointments to the Balsam West FiberNet Board of Directors – HELD

Item No. 14 – Appointments to the EBCI Information Technology Strategic Working Group (ITSWG) – PASSED AS AMENDED (appointments were Cherie Rose and Lloyd Arneach Jr.)

Item No. 15 – Appointment of TERO Commissioner – PASSED AS AMENDED (appointment was Billy Brown)

Item No. 16 – Tribal Council does authorize the Youth Wrestling Organization to take possession of and use old Painttown Gym to provide a dedicated space for training and competition and for facility to be named Osley B. Saunooke Youth Wrestling Facility – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 17 – Resolution authorizing construction of a home for Sarah Powell-Bradley and transfer of land to Charlotte Ann Bradley Reineke – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 18 – Revocation of life estate for Lora Kay Oxendine Taylor – PASSED AS AMENDED

Item No. 19 – Banishment of Kristie Marie Long – HELD FOR SEPTEMBER SESSION

Added Item – Res. No. 692 calling for a Special Election for the office of Vice Chief – PASSED

Emergency Resolution #1 – Res. No. 693 – Vacant position on EBCI Election Board for Big Y/Wolftown, Pam Straughan added in position – PASSED AS AMENDED

Emergency Resolution #2 – Res. No. 694 – Principal Chief to formally request the BIA certification of the Tribe’s correctional facility under the TLOA (Tribal Law and Order Act) – PASSED