Budget Council Results – Tuesday, Aug. 1

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(Note: These results have been compiled by One Feather staff.  The official results and count sheets, from the TOP Office, will be posted to theonefeather.com when received later this month.)


Item No. 1: Tabled Ord. No. 567 (2017) – ordinance approving TCGE amended and restated loan documents – PASSED

Item No. 2: Tabled Res. No. 659 (2017) – approval of FY2018 Budget and Organizational Chart – TABLED

Item No. 3: Tabled Ord. No. 620 – Amendment to Ord. No. 487 (2017) – Revenue Allocation Plan – PASSED

Item No. 4: Privilege Tax increase – TABLED, Work Session will be scheduled

Item No. 5: Tabled Res. No. 626 – Tribe’s Housing and Community Development Division now requests to transfer Birdtown Community Parcel No. 68-F (part of Parcel No. 68-B) containing 1.000 acre to enrolled member Donald Dwayne Jackson – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 6: Budget Amendment for Family Support Services FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 7: Budget Amendment for Community Health FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 8: Budget Amendment for Cherokee Choices FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 9: Budget Amendment for WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 10: Budget Amendment for CDOT TRIP FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 11: Budget Amendment for CDOT BIA Roads Maintenance FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 12: Budget Amendment for Tribal Education FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 13: Budget Amendment for Snowbird Youth Center – PASSED

Item No. 14: Budget Amendment for Workers Compensation FY2017 – PASSED

Item No. 15: PHHS, Women’s Wellness Program, is authorized to apply and accept North Carolina Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (NCBCCCP) funds on behalf of the communities up to $30,600 – PASSED

Item No. 16: Request funding to match the grant from Cherokee Preservation Foundation to assist with cost for the project manager and travel for the “Tuti Tsunadelogwasdi Uninohelv” (Stories of the Snowbird School) project – PASSED AS AMENDED

Item No. 17: Tribal Council authorizes the Principal Chief to execute the purchase and contract for the purchase of a parcel of developed deeded land adjacent to the Nikwasi Mound located in Franklin consisting of 0.59 acres with improvements for the price of $400,000 plus surveying, title insurance, attorney fees, and closing costs on behalf of the EBCI – PASSED

Item No. 18: EBCI Division of Commerce and the Finance Office is authorized to identify funding to demolish the old Cherokee High School – PASSED AS AMENDED

Item No. 19: Tribal Council appropriates funding for Painttown Rep. Marie Junaluska and any other Council representative to travel to the Holy Land from Nov. 19-30 – PASSED AS AMENDED

Click below to view the entire agenda with attached legislation: 

Budget Council Agenda – Tuesday, Aug. 1