LACROSSE: Thompson Brothers bring their talents to Cherokee

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CAMP: Cherokee youth enjoyed a two-day lacrosse camp at the old Cherokee High School field on July 10-11 that was hosted by Thompson Brothers Lacrosse. (Photo by Kristy M. Herron/EBCI Communications)


Less than two weeks removed from being crowned the National Lacrosse League MVP, Georgia Swarm forward Lyle Thompson brought his talents to town for the Cherokee Lacrosse Camp.  Thompson, along with brothers Miles, Jerome, Jeremy, and cousin Bill O’Brien held the two-day camp at the old Cherokee High School Field from July 10-11.

“It’s a huge opportunity for us and we’re really excited when we get to come down and share the game with Cherokee,” said Bill O’Brien, director of business development for Thompson Brothers Lacrosse a member of the New England Black Wolves lacrosse team.

“Lacrosse is an Iroquois game, and it’s intertwined in the history, culture, and heritage of the Iroquois people and we know it’s a medicine game, that provides entertainment.  It can teach people life skills like respect, honor, trust, and to just be a good human being.”

Miles Thompson, member of Georgia Swarm, commented, “An experience to come out here is definitely special to me because working with the Native youth is something I enjoy doing.  Teaching the game of lacrosse is something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Both the Thompson Brothers and members of the Georgia Swarm staff who traveled with the brothers were quick to point out the way campers could pick up the game so fast.

“The biggest thing that stuck out to me was how quick they (campers) picked up the game,” related Miles Thompson.  “Just the two days we had with them, their stick skills and lacrosse knowledge was pretty impressive.  I know they play stickball out here (Cherokee), and I can see how it’s related, especially how quick they’re picking the game up in the two-days we’ve been teaching them,”

O’Brien explained, “Day one, kids couldn’t really pass and catch; come day-two, we’re playing full-blown games.  It’s really cool to see the youth pick the game up so fast and be excited about the game.”

The Thompson Brothers plan to bring the lacrosse camp back for a third year in 2018.

O’Brien wished to thank everyone who participated in the camp.  He expressed, “We really appreciate the welcoming, we appreciate you giving us time with your youth, and we appreciate everything you guys are doing to facilitate the growth of solid young men and women.”

– Cherokee Life Recreation