Tribal Court Judgment Summary for Jan. 18

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FRENCH, Samuel Walter

14-15.5 Intoxicated and Disruptive in Public – Guilty Plea, one day active jail time, credit for time served (one day)


GEORGE, Richard Gregory

20-141.5(b) Aggravated Speeding to Elude Arrest – Dismissed, Failure of CIPD to Provide Discovery

20-140(b) Reckless Driving – Dismissed, Failure of CIPD to Provide Discovery


GREGORY, Joyce Smoker

14-10.60 Larceny – Dismissed, Restitution Paid


GUNTER, Austin

14-70.19 Resisting Lawful Arrest – Dismissed on Plea

14-40.1(b)(5) Domestic Violence – Violation of Court Order – Guilty Plea, 24 days active jail time


JOHNSON, Brandi Nichol

14-10.64 Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle – Dismissed on Plea

14-10.61 Receiving or Possessing Stolen Property – Guilty Plea, 10 days jail time suspended, six months probation, $1,000 restitution ordered

14-10.60(c) Grand Larceny – Dismissed on Plea


JOHNSON, Emre Michel

14-10.16 Second Degree Trespass – Guilty Plea, Prayer for Judgment Continued, PJC – six months


LEDFORD, Stanley Edward

20-138.1(a) Driving While Impaired – Dismissed With Leave to Refile

14-15.6(b) Purchasing, Attempt to Purchase, Possession or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Persons under 21 – Dismissed With Leave to Refile



20-111(1) Vehicles Required to be Registered – Dismissed on Plea

20-313(a) No Insurance – Dismissed on Plea


SQUIRREL, Bryan Steven

20-28 Revoked License – Dismissed, Interest of Justice


TAYLOR, Netanya Lynn

14-95.5(c) Drugs: Simple Possession of Marijuana – Dismissed, Treatment Complete

14-95.11(c) Drugs: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Dismissed, Treatment Complete



20-7(a) No Operator’s License – Guilty/Responsible, $50 fine, $190 court costs

20-28(a) Restricted License – Dismissed on Plea