ON THE SIDELINES: Well…that didn’t last long

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In late September, I announced that this column was going to transition from a sports column to a community piece.  The problem was that every time I sat down to work on that new column, I realized that I kept going back to ideas for sports columns.  So, here we are again…more ramblings from a sports guy and the rejuvenation of “On the Sidelines”.

That being said…let’s catch up.

First off, I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  From the last time I wrote, the Braves had a nice finish to their 2016 football season.  They finished their year in the third round of the state playoffs – the furthest they’ve advanced in years – on a cold night at Mitchell. I’m already looking forward to opening day this August even though anyone who knows me knows I prefer the cold nights in October.

Basketball season is in full swing.  The Lady Braves are tearing it up and are looking like they could make an honest run at it this season.  The Braves, under a new head coach, are looking pretty good.  They’ve lost a few, but they play gutsy and surely don’t quit which is an attribute that could take them into March as well.

At the beginning of our Christmas break, I covered the Holidays on the Hardwood tournament a few days before Christmas, and everyone involved in putting on that event here in Cherokee deserves a huge pat on the back.  It was a nice event.  We got to see the Lady Braves hoist the second place trophy, several keen dunks, three-point shots galore, a minor scuffle in the stands that ended in a fan ejection (not a Cherokee fan mind you), and some pretty good basketball overall.

During the break, I watched a fair amount of football.  My Packers made Aaron Rodgers’ prediction come true as they won their last six and won the NFC North Championship – their fifth in the last six years.  I also watched some college football bowls although admittedly not as many as I usually do.  There just weren’t that many good matchups this season.

So, this column is back.  Go Braves.  Go Lady Braves.  Go sports.