EBCI tribal government website redesigned, to be unveiled Aug. 15

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Principal Chief Patrick Lambert has announced Monday, Aug. 15 as the official launch date of a newly redesigned Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Government Website https://nc-cherokee.com.  The new EBCI Government Website is set to replace outdated information on the old website and offer a fresh design to enhance the user’s experience.

“The old website didn’t work for enrolled members to access quick and pertinent information,” stated Chief Lambert.  “There were sections of the website that were so outdated they referenced divisions and programs that haven’t existed in years.”

Chief Lambert began work on the EBCI Government Website immediately after taking office in October 2015 as public access to departmental news, executive and legislative updates, and readily available information to the public was a high priority to his office.

The new website will be released in three phases with the first phase including The Chief’s blog, which will highlight current information on community events and Tribal projects.  The blog will also include posts from the Chief addressing the public and a new Human Resources portal with job advertisements and forms.  Pictures of members of the community, as well as events Chief Lambert is organizing, will be updated regularly on the site.

Upcoming additions to the site will roll out in October and include webpages for Tribal programs and communities.  All pertinent information regarding services and projects will be shared online to make this a one-stop website for the needs of Tribal members.

Chief Lambert is committed to seek out better communication channels between the public and the Tribal government in innovative ways.  Chief Lambert relates, “This is my attempt to harness the power of technology for the people to use efficiently.  We are escaping the days of making numerous phone calls and visits to multiple offices just to get pointed in the right direction.”

When the new EBCI Government website is launched on Monday, Aug. 15, please take a moment to visit [https://nc-cherokee.com/] and send any feedback to the Director of Communication, Chris McCoy at chrismccoy@nc-cherokee.com

– Office of the Principal Chief