Chief’s Monthly Report for March 2016

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 Principal Chief Patrick Lambert gives the welcome speech at the Rainbow and Ramps Festival on Saturday, March 26. (Photo by Kristy M. Herron/EBCI Commerce)

Principal Chief Patrick Lambert gives the welcome speech at the Rainbow and Ramps Festival on Saturday, March 26. (Photo by Kristy M. Herron/EBCI Commerce)



March 1-3

Attended budget and regular council meetings

March 2

Held meetings with the NC State President of Duke Power to discuss mutual interests of maintaining good working relations for our business and residents. Also held a meeting with the Verizon Networking and Cell Towers to advance our efforts for better communications on the Qualla Boundry.

March 4   

Held a meeting with Phil Drake and the Balsam West Board to discuss future goals and possibilities. Had a lunch meeting with First Citizens to discuss banking opportunities from FCB. Also had phone conferences with Scott Barber from Caesars and was scheduled with Wilson Pipestem for conference.

March 5

Happy Birthday  to our very own Sallie Bradley! She is 102 years young!

March 7

Various staff and Secretary meetings.

March 8

Business Committee in the morning. Then meeting with Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) in my office.

Later in the evening, we attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Andrews and spoke to them about the business relationship we share and how their business climate is growing since the opening of the new casino.  It was good to see that a lot of new businesses have been created because the casino has brought more tourists to their town and it has had a positive impact on the tourism there.

That same evening, I attended the Cherokee County Community Club meeting.  It was great to see several friendly faces there.

March 9

Conducted Open House in the Chief’s office and visited with over 20 individuals.

March 10

Work sessions on the audit, Debt Service Payoff Discussion and the Investment Committee.  That evening, we attended a special-called meeting in Snowbird to discuss several building projects for the community.  I plan to work diligently to get the Snowbird projects moving.

March 11

Had a Cherokee Preservation Board Meeting. Was glad to welcome the new Executive Director for the Foundation, Mr. Bobby Reines.

March 13

I had an opportunity to meet President Clinton in Asheville along with a few council members.  Cyndi and I were able to have our picture taken with him and then we stayed a few minutes to listen to his speech on the upcoming election for Hillary.

March 14

Gave the welcome speech to a group with the Governors North Carolina Tourism 365.  There were over 500 attendees that come from all over to discuss ways to bring tourism to our state.

March 15-17

Open door meetings with many local members.

March 18

Investment Committee meetings, Secretary meetings, ITSWG organizational meetings and election of officers, projects meeting and updates. Later in the evening, I attended the Birdtown Easter Egg Hunt put together by the Birdtown Community Club.

March 21

Meeting with Vice-Chief to discuss various issues. Had Executive staff meetings and Cabinet meetings. I attended the Planning Board meeting in the afternoon to make plans for many new projects coming forward.

March 22

Started with a Business Committee meeting until 10:30.

This day was the kick off of the 1st Annual Principal Chief’s Easter Eggstravaganza.  It was a lot of fun, and I was very happy to see the number of people that attended.  There were over 1,500 people (children and adults) that came out to this event.  We heard a lot of good feedback and learned what we can do to make it better next year.  Thank you to all my staff that worked to put this together and I appreciate all of those that came out. I was so glad to see all the happy children and some good family fun being had by everyone!

March 23

Had several work sessions this day with Tribal Council, the Adventure Park/Water Park, Balsam West proposal, Plan for new cell towers with Itswg.

March 24Today was the protest hearing regarding the removal of the former TGC commissioners.  After the attorneys gave their testimonies for all sides, the Tribal Council went into recess and stated a decision would be rendered on the following Tuesday.

March 25

Good Friday Holiday

March 26

This day, I gave the welcome speech at the Rainbow & Ramps festival.  It was very well attended event and the program they put together was quite entertaining.  I want to thank the employees that worked on this event and all the volunteers that helped serve the food.  I look forward to next year’s festival.  Good job everyone.

My staff attended and helped with the Snowbird Easter Egg Hunt and had a great time helping the SnowBird community club.

March 27

Happy Easter

March 28

Gave a Welcome Speech to the NC EMS Statewide Conference. Several hundred were in attendance and it was great to see them all here in Cherokee.  Later, I had meetings with my Executive Staff and my Cabinet. Later in the afternoon I had a Capital Committee meeting and was able to get several projects moving forward.

March 29

Today, a decision was made regarding the old TGC Commissioners protest.  The protest was denied.  Tribal council fully supported the decision, with one abstention.

This same day, we had a site visit from the US DOJ from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency. Our legal department and finance department did a great job presenting the program called JEDi we have developed from Grant Funds. This program is having a very positive impact in care and tracking of our youth and families. Great team work, thank you.

Later that evening I attended the Memorial Service and Tribute to Mr. Sam “Snake” Panther from Big Cove. He was a great Community leader and advocate and will be greatly missed by everyone! Thank you to Ms. Cindy west for all her work on pulling it together on behalf of the family.

March 30

Open Door meetings today and I saw many members and heard their concerns. My staff went right to work and have resolved many of their concerns already. These days are always busy but it is great seeing so many people and always my pleasure to help where I can.

March 31

This was a very busy day for me.  I attended four different events.  First, I met with the Cherokee County Commissioners in Murphy to discuss the continuation of providing County services for our health and safety inspections. We reached agreement and the County will continue its services to our facilities at no cost.

I then traveled to Snowbird and met with the Little Snowbird Church to come to an agreement regarding the use of the Little Snowbird Playground to build the community a new pavilion, and I am happy to report that we did reach agreement and we can now move forward at rebuilding that widely used community space.  It’s been in need of repair and updating for many years and I am excited that we will soon see a newly built area for the Snowbird community.

While in Snowbird I also attended the ribbon cutting for the Snowbird transit building.  Even though the weather wasn’t cooperating, it was good to see so many come out and support the good work the Transit Department does to help all our communities. Ms. Kathy Littlejohn has done a great job with the entire Transit Program and I appreciate her leadership in that program.

Then, later in the evening I attended the wedding of a longtime family friend.  Her family has been very special to me all my life and I was happy to be able to witness a very special day in her life. Congratulations Betty!

As you can see, I’ve been quite busy this month as well.  As I review this report the thing that does not come through in these reports is how busy I can be with just the hundreds of emails, texts, phone calls, paper correspondence and drop-ins I deal with daily. My staff is wonderful and we are working hard for you. I will continue to do the work I was charged with and I will as always need your prayers and your support. I appreciate everyone that played some part in helping accomplish all we have done together in the past month and in my first 6 months.  Look for my Full Six Months Report in your mail and in the One Feather this week.

I know I can’t do this job alone. I know we can do great things together.  We are showing it every day. Thank you for all your support and prayers!

May God bless you and the EBCI!