Cherokee Preservation Foundation announces spring grantees

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The Cherokee Preservation Foundation (CPF) recently awarded 18 new grants totaling over $2.4 million, continuing its mission to improve the quality of life for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and the surrounding region.

Awarded grants include:

Nantahala Racing Club: To develop youth leadership through environmental stewardship and wilderness instructor training.

The Bascom Corporation: To introduce a cultural education component to a Cherokee exhibit.

EBCI Kituwah Preservation and Education Program: To support Cherokee language preservation through programming activities.

Graham County Indian Education: To host a six-week Cherokee arts and crafts cultural summer camp for Graham County.

Cherokee Historical Association: To continue implementation of the organization’s business plan to further sustainability.

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian: To continue the Cherokee Friends program and to implement elements of the Museum’s new business plan.

Friends of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park: To develop and continue curriculum units that integrate Cherokee culture into existing GSMNP educational programs at Cherokee Central Schools.

Western North Carolina Regional Education Foundation: To create a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at Cherokee Central Schools.

Mainspring Conservation Trust: To continue planning around the Nikwasi Cultural Corridor and capitalize on current opportunities and cultural assets between the Qualla Boundary and Nikwasi mound.

North Carolina International Folk Festival, Inc.: To offer a cultural exchange program between Folkmoot and the EBCI.

Snowbird Cherokees Traditions: To support the Snowbird summer language camp and adult evening classes.

Western Carolina University: To implement the Right Path and Coulter Adult Leadership programs.

Hope Center-Cherokee:  To support the BabyFACE (Family and Child Education) program at the Cherokee Central Schools and local community in efforts to increase parental knowledge of child development and school readiness.

Sequoyah Birthplace Museum: To conclude CPF’s support for Sequoyah Birthplace Museum and its permanent exhibit to further sustainability.

Western Carolina University: To evaluate community interest and solicit design input on a community mapping project on the Qualla Boundary.

Mainspring Conservation Trust: To continue a bird monitoring, research, and education program at Mainspring’s Tessentee Bottomland Preserve, EBCI’s Cowee Mound, and the Welch Farm property in Andrews.

Graham Revitalization Economic Action Team: To initiate a “living laboratory” along the Sweetwater Creek Greenway on the Robbinsville High School Campus.

EBCI Cooperative Extension: To facilitate sewing classes and textile education for the EBCI community.

– Cherokee Preservation Foundation