Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Nov. 12

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Item No. 1 – Tabled Ord. No. 7 (2015) Sec. 18B-112 – Tribal Alcoholic Beverage Control – TABLED


Item No. 2 – Approval of FY2016 Budget – HELD


Item No. 3 – Tribal Council authorize the PHHS Children’s Dental Program to apply and accept funds from USET and receive up to $1,500 with no match required – PASSED


Item No. 4 – Tribal Council authorize the EBCI Fire Department to apply and accept funds from FM Global and receive funds up to $2,640 for FY2016 – PASSED


Item No. 5 – Tribal Council authorize the Qualla Boundary Head Start Program to apply and accept funds from DHHS, ACF, Office of Head Start and receive up to $2,726,249 for the budget period Feb. 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017 – PASSED AS AMENDED


– Compiled by Scott McKie B.P./One Feather