THANK YOU: Maney family says thank you for support during loss

by Nov 4, 2015COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the support we received during the loss of our father, Donald Edward Maney.  We are especially grateful to our immediate family members who came by to express their condolences and to be there with us during our time of loss: Aunt Stacy and Dianne, Lisa Penick and Amanda Moore, Charla Crowe, Kenny and Dianne Panther, Annette and Kevin Jackson, Nancy Maney, John Henry and Delores Maney, Pinhead and Joann Kalonaheskie.  You are all special to us and will always be remembered as such.

And, thank you to all of our friends who came by and reminisced with us.  Jenn and Bear Driver, we love you for making us laugh. Tara and Tiff Reed, thanks for being such good friend.  Duke McCoy, you have always been a good friend to Donny.  Thank you to the Big Cove stickball team and wives for your support and to John Grant for always being a friend.  Monica Bryson, you are the greatest.  Nikki Chiltoskie, you always have funny stories to tell.  Drew Grant, one day you will be a golf pro.  Richie Bottchenbaugh, you are like a brother to us, and Michelle Thompson, you are such a great friend.

Thank you to those of you who brought food, Family Support Program, Aunt Stacy and Dianne, Granny Nanny, Recreation Department and Tiff and Tara Reed. The flowers were beautiful.  The kind words you left us and the financial support was greatly appreciated.  We love each and every one of you.  Last, but not least, Foreman Bradley, we appreciate the messages you brought to the services.


Stephanie, Donny, and Frances W. Maney