THANK YOU: Family of Maggie Lossiah thanks community

by Nov 2, 2015COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


The family of Maggie Lossiah would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has showed support to us, not only in her passing but also during the months she was in the hospital. Your willingness to help and generosity will never be forgotten. Maggie was a very special lady to everyone she met. She enjoyed singing with her family for many years.

Thank you to everyone who brought food and drinks, sent flowers, sat with her while she was in the hospital, the doctors and nurses (here in Cherokee and at Mission), the preachers who conducted her services (Blue Jay Sequoyah, Charles Ray Ball, Red Bradley and Bo Parris), to all the singers and church groups (those who came to the hospital and to her visitation), to the crews that were sent by Tribal Construction, to her nephews, great-nephews and Big Cove Free Labor friends who served as pall bearers and to the staff at Long House Funeral Home.

There were many helping hands, too many to list, so please don’t be offended if you’re not mentioned by name. The family knows who you are and that’s all that matters. Maggie is now at rest. She is reunited with her family in Heaven!



Thomas and Charlene, Genoa, Charlene and her grandson, John Lossiah