Budget Council overview – Tuesday, Aug. 4

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9:02 – Chairwoman Terri Henry calls meeting to order, Painttown Rep. Tommye Saunooke gave opening prayer


9:03 – In-House Legal FY2015 budget amendment – WITHDRAWN


9:03 – Item No. 19 – Tabled Resolution No. 592 – Bowling Alley proposal for Harrah’s Cherokee Casino – TABLED


9:04 – Recognition of Cherokee Youth Wrestling team.


9:23 – Christine Puhl, U.S. Probation Office, introduces herself to Tribal Council.  “I need to know you and you need to know me, and that’s the only way I can be successful.”

Puhl said the recidivism rate in Cherokee is “much higher than it is in other parts of the Western District” and she is looking forward to finding out the reasons.


9:30 – Earl Evans, Native Ways Federation financial support, requesting donation for Private Adoption Initiative working with Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) issues

Chairwoman Henry related that Tribal Council is currently doing budget hearings and working on the FY16 budget and will consider the request within the budget hearings.  She related the funding, if approved, would come out of the Tribal General Fund.


9:40 – Budget Amendments are starting


9:41 – Senior Citizens FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:42 – EBCI Cooperative Extension FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:43 – General Fund FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:44 – Indirect FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:45 – Health Delivery – Administration FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:46 – Social Services FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:49 – Housing Program FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:50 – Office of Environment & Natural Resources FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


9:51 – Benefits & Compensation FY2015 budget amendment – Big Cove Rep. Teresa McCoy made a move to table the legislation for further discussion within the budget hearings,  TABLED


9:54 – Waste Water Program FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


10:10 – Donation request for $500 from Cherokee Princesses 8+under softball team – PASSED


10:12 – Break


10:34 – Item No. 13 – Authorization for the Office of Environment and Natural Resources (OENR) to apply for and accept funds from the U.S. Forest Service to receive funds up to $25,000 – PASSED


10:37 – Item No. 14 – Authorization for the EBCI Cooperative Extension, Qualla Financial Freedom, to apply for and accept funds from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation to receive funds up to $9,000 for money management and financial literacy programs for Cherokee youth – PASSED


10:39 – Item No. 15 – Approval for $884,000 from the FY16 Endowment No. 2 line item to be used for the construction of a bridge connecting a walking trail to the track at the old high school (aka Acquoni Expo Center), the name of the project is Pedestrian Bridge/Old High School

Damon Lambert, EBCI Building Construction manager, related that the Planning Board previously approved this project.

Wolfetown Rep. Bo Crowe said he couldn’t support the project due to the New Kituwah Academy being planned for the site.  “Anyone could enter the property there.”

Vice Chairman Bill Taylor asked that the proposal be withdrawn.

“I think we can plan for that,” said Lambert.  “…there are definitely things we can do if you’re worried about people accessing the property.”

Yellowhill B. Ensley said that the track at the old high school is open to the public now and the other track goes behind the Dora Reed Child Care Center.  He noted that part of the New Kituwah project legislation was to still allow people to use the track and the football field anyways.  “Maybe it would be right to table it and have a discussion on the overall project and the KPEP project as well.” He made a move to table the legislation.

Rep. McCoy said there are other bridges on the reservation that deserve attention including several in the Big Cove Community that are in disrepair.  “Those are the types of bridges I would much rather see us put our money into at this time.”  She added that there are probably a dozen families in Big Cove that need a bridge constructed so they can access their land to build a home on.

Birdtown Rep. Albert Rose made a move to kill the legislation.

The legislation was tabled.


10:52 – Item No. 16 – Samuel Frell Reed, of the Wolfetown Community, requests compensation in the amount of $20,000 for a sewer line he claims was placed in his yard without proper paperwork

“I think I’ve been more than fair,” said Reed.  “I’ve tried to work with youns over the years on this.”

Reed asked for a vote on the issue.

Birdtown Rep. Tunney Crowe said he thinks there is need for negotiation on the matter.  “I’m not saying anyone is wrong in this, but it’s wrong to him.”  He made a move to table the issue and set a time frame for proper negotiations.

Painttown Rep. Tommye Saunooke said she will need to see evidence in the form of plats or land records before she can vote for the legislation.  “You have to prove an encroachment before you can be compensated and so far I haven’t seen that.”

Reed said he is all for tabling the legislation and working towards a negotiation.

Rep. Ensley made a move to kill after discussing eminent domain laws in tribal law.

The legislation was tabled.


11:28 – Item No. 17 – Authorization for the Office of the Treasurer to secure financing through a liquidity access line of credit through Morgan Stanley and Morgan Stanley N.A. not to exceed 65 percent of the total value of the Budget Stabilization Fund that per the legislation would “create a source of investment revenue”

Cherokee County – Snowbird Rep. Adam Wachacha commented, “We do have some great financial minds in the Tribe, and we’re trying to save as much money as possible…it’s smart business to do stuff like this.”  He commended the EBCI Office of Budget & Finance for bringing the idea forward.

Rep. Saunooke made a move to table the legislation pending further discussion.

The legislation was tabled.


12:11 – Item No. 18 – Tabled Resolution No. 577 – Amendments to Cherokee Code Section 16-C Revenue Allocation Plan – PASSED


12:16 – Item No. 20 – Tabled Ordinance No. 618 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 7 Powers and Duties of the Judicial Branch (detention fees) – TABLED


12:18 – Emergency Resolution No. 677 – EBCI Commodity Foods Program FY2015 budget amendment – PASSED


12:21 – Emergency Resolution No. 678 – EBCI Commodity Foods Program FY2015 budget amendment part two – PASSED


12:23 – Recess