EBCI Extension hosting Shiitake Mushroom Farming Workshop  

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EBCI Cooperative Extension will be hosting Specialists from the NC A&T Mushroom Program to teach a workshop on how to grow shiitake mushrooms. The workshop will be held on Monday, Feb. 23 from 1-4pm at the EBCI Cooperative Extension Center and will include an indoor classroom session and a hands-on inoculation outside, so dress for the weather.

668616_19180362Shiitake mushrooms are popular because of their delicious, smoky flavor and their versatility in recipes. They are high in iron and B vitamins which help boost our immune system. Shiitake mushrooms are also recognized as a health promoting food because compounds found in shiitake mushrooms may help prevent cardiovascular disease.

The type of mushroom farming taught in this workshop involves inoculating mushroom spawn into sweet gum or oak logs. To participate, bring 2-4 freshly cut oak or sweet gum logs. It is important that the logs be from live, dormant trees. Any type of oak or sweet gum is acceptable. Logs must be freshly cut within two weeks of workshop. Logs cut between the dates of Feb. 7-23 will be the best for this workshop. Dead trees are already infested with wild fungi and will not be successful.

The logs should be 4-8 inches in diameter, four feet long and in good condition with the bark intact. One log will be donated to NC A&T’s Mushroom Program. Participants will keep the rest of their logs after inoculating them.

Farmers interested in raising 200 shiitake logs or more, could be eligible for free spawn by participating in this workshop and enrolling in NC A& T’s Mushroom Program. The workshop is free, but registration is required. Everyone is welcome.

Info: Sarah 359-6935 or Trish 359-6933