Christopher Taylor (Skeeter) Sneed – obituary

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Christophor Taylor (Skeeter) Sneed, 28, of Cherokee, passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 31, 2014 at the Med West Harris Hospital in Sylva.

Christophor is the son of James “Jimmy” Sneed and step-mother Shannon of Cherokee and mother Cindee Vitto of Wyoming. He made his home in the Whittier community and worked as assistant manager at Pizza Hut. He will be missed by his family and friends.

Christophor is survived by his son, Donavon Sneed of Wyoming; brothers, James Taylor, Justin Sneed, Jacob Sneed and Josiah Sneed, all of Cherokee; sister, Cassandra Vitto of Wyoming; paternal grandparents, grandmother, Gwen and Charles Sanders of Sylva, grandfather, Claude Ray and Mona Sneed of Cherokee; maternal grandparents, grandfather, Don and Laurie Vitto, and grandmother, Jessie Wilson, all of Wyoming; step-grandparents, Tom and Conchita Kelly of Sylva.

Christopher had a visitation at the Cherokee Baptist Church on Sunday, Jan. 4.  A funeral followed the next day with the Rev. Percy Cunningham officiating.  An immediate burial followed in the Cam Sneed Cemetery. Pall Bearers were family and friends.