EBCI Official Letters of Residency and 911 Addressing Requirements

by Jul 9, 2014Happenings0 comments

Before the EM/911 office can issue a letter of residency on Tribal Land, a valid document is needed such as a current year utility bill, lease/rental agreement, land parcel statement from the BIA, etc.  The  EM/911 will not accept a state-issued driver’s license or ID card that is a year past the date of issuance.

A physical address can be applied for as soon as the driveway has been established

Once the address has been assigned, the driveway cannot be moved, as this is a distance measurement for residence or business.

Please post the assigned 911 Address number(s) directly on the house and/or business which can be seen from the roadway.If the house and/or business cannot be seen from the roadway, a second set of numbers should be posted at the entrance of the driveway.

– EBCI EM/911 office