Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Dec. 5

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Ord. No. 1 – Chapter 92 – Tribal Business Preference Law, submitted by Janet Arch – Passed


Ord. No. 9 – Chapter 92 – Tribal Business Preference Law, hiring of a project manager to oversee TERO – Killed


Res. No. 21 – Cody Francis Driver desires to purchase four acres on Boundary Tree Tract at a cost of $500 per acre – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 22 – Blackballing of local TERO certified hotel wrong and instruct TCGE to give full and equal treatment to every TERO hotel – Withdrawn


Ord. No. 33 – Amendment to Sec. 16 C-9 – Budget Stabilization – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 53 – Authorize Economic and Community Development to submit an application to the Cherokee Preservation Foundation seeking up to $25,000 for the Mountain Bike Park Planning – Passed


Res. No. 61 – Authorize Cherokee Department of Transportation to enter into a BIA Roads Maintenance Program contract renewal – Passed


Res. No. 62 – Approval of Five-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for FY2014-2018 – Passed


Res. No. 63 – Diane Valentine Sancak be allowed to purchase three buildable acres of Tribal property located on Soco Mountain below the Rough Branch Community – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 64 – Tribe seeks support of Jackson County Commissioners in developing a collaborative approach to get street lights and sidewalks along the US441 corridor in Jackson County – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 65 – Recognition of Solomon David McCoy (d) heirs and assignment of Birdtown Community Parcel No. 225-D to Margaret Ethel McCoy and David Eugene McCoy – Passed


Res. No. 66 – Charles Adam Welch requests that the transfer of property to the Agnes Lossiah Welch (d) heirs for Big Cove Community Parcel No. 231-A be approved without all signatures – Passed


Res. No. 67 – Recognition of Nellie Bird Trull (d) heirs and assignment of Wolftown Community Parcel No. 1267-K to Nancy Marie Trull Driver, Harold Dennis Trull and Sherry Darlene Trull Lambert – Passed


Res. No. 68 – Confirmation of Rita Faye Ramsey Martinez (d) last will and testament and assignment of Wolftown Parcel Nos. 871, 872-A, 872-B, 875-B, and 876 to Jose Guadalupe Martinez Jr. – Passed


Res. No. 69 – Confirmation of Wilma Carolyn Moles (d) last will and testament and assignment of Painttown Community Parcel No. 157-A and Parcel No. 157-B to David Hyatt Reynolds Jr. – Passed


Res. No. 70 – Amendment of Tribal Resolution No. 600 (2013) to assign Nell Will Rattler’s (d) undivided interest in lower Cherokee Community Parcel No. 16-B to Mary Jo Washington Rogers – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 71 – Dorine Renea Reed requests power right-of-way be granted without the signature of Gracia Lucille Owle Wilnoty – Passed


Res. No. 72 – Request that Kituwah and its associated lands be protected and preserved in perpetuity and be recognized and documented as a sacred site of the EBCI – Passed


Res. No. 73 – Elizabeth J. Ashley Maney request to be permitted to purchase Birdtown Community Parcel No. 670 Fisher Branch Housing, Goose Creek for housing purposes for the purchase price of $174 – Passed


Res. No. 74 – Jacob Jackson Ivey request to be permitted to gather building stone in the 3200 Acre Tract Community of the Tribal Reserve known as the Williams Cove Area for a period of one year – Passed


Res. No. 75 – Request that the EBCI urge the BIA to fulfill its fiduciary duty to Tribes and perform all cadastral surveys regarding Indian Trust Land Boundaries and that the BIA work in collaboration with Tribes in performing such surveys by receiving tribal input and maintaining all original field work notes as legal records – Passed


Res. No. 76 – Appointment of two (2) TERO Commissioners by Council to serve two-year terms – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 77 – Authorize Principal Chief to enter into a Boundary Agreement to correct the boundary line discrepancy between the Tribe’s Kituwah Property and deeded property owned by Robin Warren on behalf of the EBCI – Passed


Res. No. 78 – Tribal Council approves the expenditure plan for $784 in forest management deductions monies and approves these monies being drawn-down from the Bureau and placed into Tribal Fisheries and Wildlife Management’s account for these signs – Passed


Res. No. 79 – Office of Environment & Natural Resources is authorized to seek funding through the EPA and USDA up to the amount of $1,322,000 on behalf of the General Assistance Program, Non Point Source Pollution Program; Air Quality Program; Water Quality Program; Tribal Pesticides Program; Source Reduction Program; Spay & Neuter Program and the Animal Disease Traceability Program – Passed


Res. No. 80 – Tribe approves extending the current WFMP’s operational period and additional one year setting a new expiration date for it of Dec. 31, 2014 – Passed


Res. No. 81 – Timber Use Policy approved and adopted as the policy which shall be followed and enforced by both the Bureau and the EBCI – Passed


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