Summer internships available with USFS and BIA

by Nov 20, 2013Happenings0 comments

1.     All hiring for Pathways Permanent Intern and Temporary Intern programs is now done through USAJobs. You should immediately go to and establish an account. Once your account is set up and your resume is posted online, it will be quick and easy for you to apply for any job announcement. Check USAJobs often for new job announcements for summer 2014.

2.     Announcements for permanent and summer temporary intern positions with the US Forest Service are posted on USAJobs now. Apply for the jobs that interest you and are in your field of study. If you are Native American, please self-identify on your application. You need to apply for these jobs immediately.

3.     Announcements for permanent and summer temporary intern positions with the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be posted on USAJobs starting in December. Remember that the BIA uses “Indian Preference” in its hiring process. If you are not Native American, you might consider other government agencies – BIA only hires non-natives if a qualified Native American applicant is not available.

– U.S. Forest Service and BIA