Sign Ordinance Enforcement notice

by Nov 20, 2013Happenings0 comments

In October 2012, Tribal Ordinance No. 310 was passed in an effort to maintain sign consistency and keep Cherokee as beautiful and inviting as possible. This ordinance is in the process of being implemented. Prohibited Signs section 136-17 (f) of the ordinance states that “No portable signs shall be permitted, except portable signs or banners placed for one period not more than 30 days to announce the opening of a new business, or the change of management or ownership of an existing business.”

This section of the sign ordinance will begin to be enforced on Monday, Dec. 11. Anyone who has a portable sign, meaning a sign that is not directly attached to a surface and is meant to be moved around, and would like to keep the sign, please make arrangements to pick these signs up before Dec. 11. Otherwise, they will be picked up and disposed of. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Cherokee beautiful.

– EBCI Economic & Community Development