Veteran’s Day Anniversary Tribute

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On Veteran’s Day, Monday, Nov. 11, we will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of this national holiday.  Public Law 510 was signed on May 13, 1938.

vet day announcementToday, as a people, we no longer attend these celebrations in great numbers.  But, it is still a very important day in the minds of America’s 22 million living veterans.  Remember and honoring their service is a source of pride here in our Cherokee community.  They have earned this recognition and day of appreciation.

Here, in Cherokee, we have also chosen to honor our police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel on this day.  We do this to give back.  They also serve us with dedication, and many times at great personal sacrifice.

Many of our veterans that we honor next Monday performed remarkable acts of bravery and selflessness under extreme and dangerous conditions.  We owe them so much; our safety, our prosperity, our freedom, and, in some cases, our lives.  They did they duty with grace, honor and courage.  Veteran’s Day is a day for us to say thank you.

This year, our Cherokee veterans are honoring ladies of leadership in our community.  Some are military veterans.  All have stepped forward and blessed our community with extraordinary service and commitment.  We think this recognition is long overdue.

Come and be with us on Monday, Nov. 11 at 11am in the Exhibit Hall as we honor those who were willing to look beyond their own self-interest and comfortable lives to serve their community, state and nation.  We, in turn, will express our appreciation in words and music, with awards and with grateful hearts.