Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, Nov. 7

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9:00 a.m.         Request for time – Eddie Michael – Sports Book proposal


9:10 a.m.         Request for time – Internal Audit – Awards Program


9:20 a.m.         Request for time – Janell Rattler – Senior Games recognition


9:30 a.m.         Request for time – Sheriff Curtis Cochran – Mascot tazering issue


9:40 a.m.         Rhiannon Tancy Hull requests to be assigned the 3200 Acre Tract Parcel No. 149 (Item No. 1)


9:50 a.m.         Amendment to Resolution No. 131 (1998) to recognize Patricia Ann Lambert (First Generation Descendent) as successor to Felix T. Lambert’s interest in Birdtown Community Parcel No. 843-B (Item No. 2)


10:00 a.m.       Agreement to Division of Ernest Sneed heirs without the signature of James Lamar Sneed (Item No. 3)


10:10 a.m.       Doris Sharp requests right-of-way be assigned without the signature of Brittany Huskey (Item No. 4)


10:20 a.m.       Authorization to participate in the most current Identifying Our Needs: A Survey of Elders (Item No. 5)


10:30 a.m.       Request to name Ellen Bird an honorary Beloved Woman of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians  (Item No. 6)


10:40 a.m.       Request that Community Center on Acquoni Road be renovated into a substance abuse and rehabilitation center (Item No. 7)


10:50 a.m.       Appointment of two TERO Commissioners by Tribal Council to serve two-year terms (Item No. 8)


11:10 a.m.       Tabled Ordinance No. 1 – Chapter 92 Tribal Business Preference Law (Item No. 9)


11:20 a.m.       Tabled Ordinance No. 9 – Chapter 92 – Amendment to include the hiring of a Project Manager to oversee TERO (Item No. 10)


Banishment Items as Necessary

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