Eastern Cherokee Native American Housing Study

by Nov 4, 2013Happenings0 comments

An important study about housing needs and conditions will take place in the Cherokee community.  The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is one of 40 tribes that were selected to take part in a national survey about the housing needs of American Indian and Alaska Native families.  The study is sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The study will provide information about housing needs of our people.  This information will be used to inform policy makers and tribes about how to improve housing conditions. The study has received tribal approval and is scheduled to begin the week of Nov. 4.   NORC at the University of Chicago, a non-profit research organization, has hired tribal members to conduct the survey.  About 62 households of the Eastern Band of Cherokee have been randomly selected to take part.  Each selected household will soon receive a letter in the mail about the survey.  The interviewers will show identification when calling on the selected households.  Participation is voluntary.  All information is confidential.  If asked, it is hoped that you will take part in this important project to improve housing for native families in Indian Country.

– Qualla Housing Authority