Cherokee Elementary School Honor Roll – 1st Nine Weeks

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Principal’s Honor Roll (students must receive an A in the following: Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies)

4th grade – Evan Caley, Kaelin Jones, Isabel Lambert

5th grade – A.J. Allison, Ian Crowe, Aiyanna Lambert, Teja Littlejohn, Dreyton Long, Destiny Mills, Rocky Peebles, Deante Toineeta, Zoey Walkingstick


A Honor Roll (students must receive an A in the following: Reading, Math and Language Arts)

4th grade – Tyra Brown, Vivian Ross, Takota Sexton

5th grade – Braylon Arch, Tally Bradley, Jayce Daniels, Rhyan Girty, Zayne Taylor-Hernandez, Kayleigh Wolfe


B Honor Roll (students must receive at least a B in the following: Reading, Math and Language Arts)

4th grade – Samuel Bernhisel, Kegan Curtice, Gabriel Jarvis, Cameron Lane, Chloe Lambert, Aaliyah Queen, Tivan Saunooke, Caedance Smith, Josh Smith, Donna Thompson

5th grade – Desiree Amos, Eeyannah Catolster, Jonathan Frady, Abrigail George, Laila Locust, Michael Otter, Rajun Rattler, Keelie Smoker, Rossi Wachacha, Dylan Woodard, Tayana Calhoun, Seven Cline, Marcela Garcia, Dawson George, Kalista Luther, Shashoi Panther, Adam Reed, Daniel Thompson, Emma Wolfe


Merit Honor Roll (students are recognized for their effort and progress)

4th grade – Marcus Armachain, Rayna Ricks, Eric Salazar, Zane Shelton, Keefer Taylor, Malik Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe

5th grade – Samantha Cole, James Davis, Siah Holiday, Lorenzo Ramirez, Isaac Saunooke, Naomi Smith, Rashonda Wolfe, Trent Wolfe


Cherokee Elementary Honor Society

Cherokee Elementary is beginning its second year of membership in the National Elementary Honor Society.  Last year, 20 students in 4th and 5th grades qualified to be members with an average of 93 percent in all academic subjects.  This year, the school is using the Honor Roll to recognize high-achieving students.  The 4th and 5th grade students who meet the Principal’s Honor Roll or the A Honor Roll will be candidates for the Honor Society.

Candidates are expected to maintain a high academic average throughout the school year and cannot have been in ISS or OSS during the nine weeks.  The Honor Society will meet regularly during the year in order to work on service projects to benefit the school and community.

There will be an induction ceremony in the spring for all candidates who qualify to become members.

– Cherokee Elementary School