Welcome back letter from CCS Superintendent

by Jul 26, 2013COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments

Welcome back to the 2013-2014 school year. The air is filled with excitement as the start of school draws near. The Cherokee Central Schools Staff has had a very busy summer preparing the schools for your arrival. Many long hours have gone into making sure your schools are bright, shining and ready for another great school year. This is my first year at Cherokee, and I am delighted to say that I have been very impressed with the schools. We have some of the finest facilities and programs in the State of North Carolina. The faculty, staff, parents and students that I have met have been wonderful.

With the hard work and dedication of the students, parents, faculty, and staff, we have an opportunity to have “World Class Schools.” In fact, we do not have a choice. In today’s world, we must have “World Class Schools!” It is absolutely essential for students to leave high school adequately prepared to enter their next phase of life, whether that be the world of work, military service, community college or university. A quality education is no longer something nice to have. It is an absolute essential!

I am excited about the start of a new school year and look forward to the students return to campus. I ask that everyone rally behind the Cherokee Braves as the new school year begins. We have high expectations for all students. Why? Because we know students will rise to meet our expectations! Students, I encourage you to do your very best at whatever you’re doing, whether it be on the athletic field, math class, art class, drama class, or just hanging out with your friends. Always strive to be the best person you can be!

The Cherokee Central School System is a place where our students are safe, respected, encouraged, motivated, and loved!

We are all on the Sacred Path. It is not something we have to earn; it is a choice we make. Together we can stay on the path. The choice is yours!


D. Scott Penland