CHS to offer History of Eastern Cherokee Education

by Jul 22, 2013COMMUNITY sgadugi, Happenings0 comments

Cherokee High School and Appalachian State University have partnered to offer a brand new college credit course for junior and seniors:  “History of Eastern Cherokee Education.”  The course “will examine the evolution of formal education among the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians from the pre-missionary period, through the missionary period of education (1800-1839) and into the modern era,” according to Dr. Allen Bryant, creator and professor of the course.

The course will be offered during 3rd block on the CHS campus through a mix of face-to-face instruction, online applications, guest speakers, and field trips.  Students enrolled in the course will be considered Appalachian State University students and will receive three credit hours upon successful completion of the course.

Info: Debbie Lambert, CHS guidance counselor, on or after Monday, July 29.