Cherokee Elementary School supply lists

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 Cherokee C Color2


Hand sanitizer, Kleenex, bowls (for snacks), 5oz. paper cups, small paper plates, three-ring binder (for portfolio), glue stick, blanket for cot, backpack (regular size), gallon Ziploc bags, napkins, baby wipes, band aids, quart Ziploc bags



One box markers, pair of scissors, two-pocket folder, two boxes Kleenex, wide-rule loose leaf paper, one pack glue sticks, one pack pencils, two Pink Pearle erasers, pencil box, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, one box band aids, back bag, pack of coffee filters, beach towel, one box plastic silverware, box of 24 Crayons, one 1-inch binder

Boys only: pack of Playdoh, one box of Ziploc gallon bags

Girls only: pack of permanent markers, one box Ziploc quart bags

Optional: one pack of white copy paper


1st Grade

Pack of 24 pencils, two primary journals, one 1-inch binder, one box colored pencils, one box markers, book bag, four glue sticks, box of 24 Crayons, four Pink Pearle erasers, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes

Optional: freezer bags, Kleenex, cups/plates/utensils


2nd Grade

Two packs of pencils, one box of Crayons, one box of colored pencils, one pack of markers, one highlighter, two composition notebooks, three one-subject spiral notebooks (wide-ruled), two glue sticks, two packs of eraser tops, four plastic folders with prongs and pockets, two packs of wide-ruled notebook paper, two boxes of Kleenex, one bottle of hand sanitzer, two canisters of disinfectant wipes, two packs of copy paper, one box of gallon/sandwich Ziploc bags


3rd Grade

Three one subject notebooks (wide-ruled), one pack of #2 wooden pencils, three sturdy plastic folders for classwork and homework (make sure they have pockets and brads), 16-count Crayons, one pack of colors pencils, individual pair of standard headphones (labeled with student’s name, can be found at Dollar Tree), one pack of glue sticks, three packs of wide-ruled paper, one pack of cap erasers, Ziploc bags (gallon or sandwich), antibacterial wipe

Optional: Classroom supplies to be used a classroom community – Kleenex, hand sanitizer, construction paper (variety of colors), one pack of white copy paper


4th Grade

Two packs of loose wide-ruled paper, one pack of #2 pencils with erasers, two boxes of facial tissue, one bottle of hand sanitizer, one container of Clorox wipes, one pack of copy paper, five 2-pocket folders with prongs, one pack of colored pencils, one pencil box, one glue stick, three composition books (similar to black and white books in which covers are hard cardboard), two spiral notebooks


5th Grade

One 3-prong packet folder (any color), two spiral notebooks, two 1.5inch binder, two packs of Avery Tab insert dividers (multi-color), two packs of wide-ruled lined paper (200 count each), one pocket thesaurus, three reams of copy paper, one box of color pencils (12 count), two red pens, one pencil box, lots of erasers (pencil tip erasers), one pack of graph paper (50 count), four 2-pocket laminated folders (any color), one pack of Post-It notes (yellow), two glue sticks, one can of Lysol spray, two boxes of Kleenex

– Cherokee Central Schools