Cherokee Life Center provides Cardiac Rehab Program

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Cherokee Indian Hospital has teamed up with Cherokee Life Center to provide a Phase III Cardiac Rehab program for EBCI tribal members and those who qualify for services at the Cherokee Indian Hospital.  This program has been in operation since October 2006.

The Cardiac Rehab Program is aimed at helping patients diagnosed with risk factors for or history of cardiovascular disease to safely exercise and to learn ways of healthy living.  The Cardiac Rehab Program is held every Monday and Wednesday morning from 8-9a.m. for warm up, stretching, exercise, walking, more exercise and a cool down.  The walking and exercise depends on the individual’s level of ability and comfort based on recommendations from your doctor.

Health care providers are present to monitor blood pressure, monitor oxygen and heart rate to ensure you are exercising within a range that is appropriate for you.  The program is open to anyone interested in joining.  Membership is on a rolling basis meaning you can join when you like for as long as you like.  You may have been recommended for Cardiac Rehab in the past, you may have already participated in a Cardiac Rehab program, you may have had a cardiac event in the past, or you may be at risk for cardiovascular disease.  In any case, this program can help you to learn to exercise safely, how to make healthy changes in your life and provide an environment for you to meet others with similarities.

If you are interested in participating in this program contact of the people listed below or complete the following steps:

  1. Get a Medical Clearance from your doctor
  2. Fill out paperwork to join the Cherokee Life Center (if you are not a member)
  3. Join them at 8a.m. on Monday & Wednesday.

Permission from your doctor is required to participate in this program as well as membership with the Cherokee Life Center.  Your doctor may or may not need to see you to fill out the Medical Clearance Form.  Contact your clinic at the hospital or speak to Julie Van Leuven, PT, 497-1963 x6262; Skip Myers, RN, 497-9163 x6224 or Lynn Taylor, Cherokee Life Center, 554-6496.

– Lynn Taylor, Cherokee Life Center