Law School scholarship available

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The Trustees of the Beck Charitable Educational Trust Fund will be accepting applications for law school scholarship assistance from qualified EBCI tribal members.

To apply for scholarship consideration, individuals must meet the following criteria: 1) proof of enrolled member status with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (first descendents will not be considered); 2) full transcripts of undergraduate degree completion; 3) proof of acceptance to an accredited law school in the United States; 4) demonstrated effort to apply for other types of financial assistance; and 5) be willing to sign a binding agreement to achieve a J.D. degree within the normal three (3) year course of study, pass North Carolina Bar Exam within 12 months following graduation and  practice law near or on the Cherokee Reservation  for a period of not less than five (5) years.

Applicants may request an application by contacting the Cherokee Higher Education Office at 554-6655 or 554-6660.  Applications may also be requested by e-mail from Tate McCoy at or Jeannie Arkansas at

Deadline for receiving applications is Wednesday, July 31.

– Beck Charitable Educational Trust Fund